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Redemption - Poem by Dan Quiles

Once a man could not sleep a single tingle bleep.
He felt like a lonely sheep.
His heart could only beep beep and only meant one thing; flip flop, bip bop in the art of tip top of clip crop.
Could it be his conscious going tin tin tin?
His contemplations were deeply annoying as the noisy sheep.
His heart was pounding, hounding, and aching furiously.
It was not letting him sleep a single bleep.
He would say to himself;
‘Please keep this bleeping feeling.
I don’t want to weep any longer.’
He tried effortlessly, but he could not.
He knew, that only God could peek through the clouds and see through them.
Only God can lick his wounds of the soul and restore peace & order in his life.
God then said; ‘Stop being so foul to self and just believe and soon enough you shall feel relief.
He tried being strong among and along the trial of tribulations but at times it was not the case.
He knew perfectly clear that he was no one without the higher source of power.
It was already past midnight, and it felt like a mourning state of being, his heart aches, shakes, speaks, ticks, thwacks and thwart in vertigo dances like a whirl-swirl storm, so, un-norm.
‘So many people demand and command so much from me’ as he would say within himself.
I feel so washed and trashed away.
I don’t know why? .
‘I know why? ’ said; God,
‘You left me awhile ago.
You wanted to live your life without me, and now you realize you can’t live without me.’
I feel abandoned by so many people sort of like an orphaned.
I feel part of the dust and full of crust.
God responds; ‘I never left you’.
The unknown man says;
‘Only God can see how I truly feel.
I mistrust people so much and I don’t why.’
I am asking God more than ever to give me the inner strength to continue battling with self.
To continue giving me the values, courage and true integrity to being the capable self I know I can be.
I want to be a light to God’s delight.
I want to serve God to the fullest even if I crack at times.
I want to please my God, even if I am not the perfect one.
I want to try and never give up in his own observation.
I want to do everything under reverence with dignity and pride.
I pray endlessly in order that I not fall like a dropping ball.
I shall continue battling within jungle.
Joseph Conrad once wrote; ‘only the fiercest will survive in the jungle/only the strong will survive’.
In this world is not about how perfect, pretty or what you have accomplished in life.
It is about how many times you can overcome and withstand adversity and continue fighting versus the flesh with dignity, humility and pride. This is an endless battle amongst the full cattle.
Only in the end only those that are still standing will be fully compensated by the God himself.
Keep fighting even if the world is falling like a rolling ball.
Let everything fall for you.
I will certainly catch you in time of need.
I will help you carry the load.
Never loose hope and because I will never abandon you or my beloved children.
He is too great and too loving to leave us alone.
Believe in him and he shall come through.
Trust in him like David, Samson, Moses, Paul and Jonah.
These were great men in God’s eyes who accomplished so many things in their respective lives, yet, they failed God so many times.
Yet, our God is so merciful that he let them redeem themselves over and over again to shine under God’s glory.
If he did it for them he can certainly do it for you and I, he talked to himself.
Repent and confess your sins and God will not pin his fury onto you.
He is also wants us to devote and provoke new spiritual growth in this journey in order to be stable and more than able in this jungle of the beasts.
With God anything is possible as little David accomplished against Goliath.
Believe and you shall receive.
Never underestimate yourself.
You are special under God’s presence and essence.
He will never abandon you.
He will certainly test you as the gold is tested under the test of fire, but it is only that you get better and become much more solid and better molded.
God wants warriors in this journey where the few walk.
He wants valiant servants that serve him well.
He doesn’t seek perfection in us but that we seek him fully and never give up on ourselves.
To redeem self is to reward yourself fully.
We all deserve a 2nd and a 3rd chance in life.
There is nothing greater and better that redeeming self.
It is when we shine through the clouded skies that we can see things in a positive and in constructive perspective.
God then finally said; ‘your redemption to being set free is your door to eternal Salvation.
A solution many are afraid to take.
Justification is not the aberration way to go.
It is what the devils want you to think.
Your life long dedication will be questioned,
but then again, in the end, I will judge you for all your actions and not man.
I am the higher authority and not man’
Then the stranger just closed his eyes and started to renew his votes to his Creator as he wept.
A few hours later, he reopened his eyes to only see the sun rays shine throughout his room.
Knowing full well a new journey awaited him.

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