Tiffny Rhodius

Rookie (29, August,2009 / Eccles, Guyana)

Reflections - Poem by Tiffny Rhodius

I dreamt I was being chased through the forest green by a creature unseen. And as my lungs burned and my limbs grew numb, the creature caught up with me. We tumbled and rolled limbs entwined, onto a grassy knoll where the sun kissed the grass and the flowers stretched to heavens in silent supplication.
Then as I picked myself up, heaving with great exertion, I spun round and round looking for my pursuer. It was only me in this paradise hiding among the trees. But then I felt the piercing stare boring into my back, the hate scorching me. I shaded my eyes and moved to see but the shadow in the shade moved away from me.
I chased it this time and this time, it ran from me. My heart galloped in my chest and beat widely in my ears as suddenly, the shadow took shape and moved with me. I moved back into the sun and the shaping form moved with me.
In that paradise hiding in the trees, I came face to face with the creature...It was me.
She radiated hate, she stunk of malice, she hissed with anger and shook with fury. As the sulphuric heat from this malignant creature engulfed me, I reached out to touch the reflection but she shrunk away from me.
Confused, I stared at the space where it had been hand still in mid air. It stared back but with accusations burning brightly. Lifting a hand that time had worn, this black me pointed. Her weathered finger like hardened soil stabbed in my direction condemning with one finger.
I shivered in the bright day. My blood ran cold as I somehow became aware of the cause of my condemnation. The guilt suffocated me as the memory burned the back of my eyes...The darkness has finally caught up with me.
I scream. I try to fight the memory the pale evil in front of me smirks. Its eye’s glow as the memory continues to consume me. I tried to run but my feet became rooted into the soil. I did not want this memory. I do not want this evil staring back at me.
She comes closer to me. Her evil stench seeps into my pores. She is seeping into my pores; with a black smirk she interlocks her malignant self with me...
I woke up in the middle of a beautiful meadow encased by looming trees on all sides. The sun was caressing the earth as the flowers danced to the silent melody of the breeze. But none of this appealed to me. Turning my back I made for the dark comfort shade of the trees, feeling more at ease as every step took me away from the light.

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