jessie davies

Rookie (1982)

Relationship - Poem by jessie davies

i don't want to dwell on the past
hold my head up high
push away those sorry lonely thoughts
gaze into the future with a smile

block out all the bad
try to forget what happened
i do my best to ignore it
but it keeps creeping up

the bottle corrupts
alcohol fueled fights
the booze destroyed my heart
yet i still pick up that bottle

all the nights,
we laid together
how i truly hated you deep inside
the thought of your voice still makes me cringe

my love for you was real
the hate was thick
the arguments never ended
your the most stubborn person i have ever met

as i sip from the brown bottle
i reminisce on all the good times we had
the laughs we shared
remebering your warm body next to mine

but the anger surfaces
your cries and lies
always out to get me
you wouldn't be happy until my demise

we once were close
closer than anyone could ever be
it will be hard to ever find that again
i've bin chasing it like a crack trying to get high

you were always so blind
nothing was ever your fault
all your blame trying to put me to shame
i'm sick of it

we walked our separate ways
screaming and yelling
tears dripping
not even a proper good bye

we have bin together every day for a long time
didn't know how i relied on you every day and night
i couldn't have imagined the pain that burns way down deep inside
i've lost

all the battles
neither of us won
were both alone
when we were suppose to be one

we did it all
there wasn't a stone untouched
i guess soul mates don't always emd up as one
why did God have to make it so hard?

i take a sip from my brown bottle
smash it on the ground
why does this poison
corrupt us all?

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