Remember Me? Poem by Ray Mather

Remember Me?

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Remember Me?
I am the boy who sought friendship;
The boy you turned away.
I the boy who asked you
If I too might play.
I the face at the window
When your party was inside.
I the lonely figure
Who walked away and cried.
I the one who hung around,
A punchbag for your games.
Someone you could kick and beat,
Someone to call names.
But how strange is the change
After time has hurried by,
Four years have passed since then,
Now I’m not so quick to cry.
I’m bigger and I’m stronger,
I’ve grown a foot in height.
Suddenly I’M popular
And YOU’RE left out the light.
I could, if I wanted,
Be so unkind to you.
I would only have to say
And the other boys would do.
But the memory of my pain
Holds back the revenge I’d planned
And instead I feel much stronger
By offering you my hand.


Junior lehopa 01 September 2022

I'm a s/a child doing grade 8 and loved the poem of Ray Mather. I reached a lot as a group and googled a lot about this.My your soul rest in peace.

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Mo 04 April 2022

The literary devices and the connotations of this poem really gets my juices flowing

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The Meg 16 November 2021

This poem is something

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annie 14 August 2021

I love this poem

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Mncedi Phembela 20 December 2018

I love this poem.

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Ray Mather

Ray Mather

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