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Remember Me?
I am the boy who sought friendship;
The boy you turned away.
I the boy who asked you

Across the world
Two boys are crying,
Both wanting more
And tired of trying.

I’m a litterbug and I don’t care,
I throw my litter everywhere.
Crisp packets, sweet wrappers, lollipop sticks –
In desks, on the yard – the usual tricks.

If I had a dog
I’d call him Butch
I’d hug him hard
And love him much

How are you doing?
Fine. Yourself?

Take a large amount of trust
Blend in a good measure of honesty
Crack a joke or two to taste
Sift out the truth from a mixed bag of gossip and rumour

‘S cool, man,
It’s the best,
Gotta keep your interest.
Talkin’ is the name of the game

The fear that rules the school
So damaging and cruel
A devastating tool

Ten past eight
That warm September night
In an antiseptic room
Your first tentative cry

Sick of arguing
Tired of pretending

Who’s there?
Just an eddy of air
That tickles the trees
Only the scuff of a cat

On and on
Through the snow we run
Puffing and panting
It’s not much fun

It’s been a rather difficult year
We’ve not always seen eye to eye
He has an unfortunate attitude
His sights are not set too high


It wasn’t long after my dad was dead
That I heard the first flutter of birds in my head
They began as dark distant shapes in the sky
And I could hardly hear their black crow cry

No-one’s kissed her,
My big sister;
It’s enough to make her weep.
Dreams of romance,

All men are different
All men are the same
It’s how you choose to see us,
Remember you’re part of this game.

There’s summat in t’air, th’ knows,
There’s summat in t’ grass.
Th’ can see in t’ farmer’s face, it shows,
Summat’s come t’ a pretty pass.

Hurry home, don’t be late!
Don’t stay in the yard or talk at the gate!
Don’t forget the Green Cross Code!
Don’t go to the shops, don’t cross the main road!

During the serious work of this Monday morning
I will think of you last night
And smile

Wallis with his Walkman
Truckin’ down the street,
Gives no respect
To the people he meet.

Ray Mather Biography

Ray Mather trained as a teacher of English and Drama. Struggling to find poems that fulfilled his needs for stimulus aids in the classroom he began writing his own on reflecting his view of good and bad things about school life. Some of these poems got published in a School Anthology and this led to requests and commissions for further poems on a variety of themes for a variety of age groups. His poetry has been published in anthologies, encyclopedias and teaching and examination materials in most countries in the English-speaking world. Due to requests from students for more information about his poems that they were studying for assignments, he decided to create his own website. www.raymather.co.uk. Here can be found the school-based work as well as a range of other poetry and script work.)

The Best Poem Of Ray Mather

Remember Me?

Remember Me?
I am the boy who sought friendship;
The boy you turned away.
I the boy who asked you
If I too might play.
I the face at the window
When your party was inside.
I the lonely figure
Who walked away and cried.
I the one who hung around,
A punchbag for your games.
Someone you could kick and beat,
Someone to call names.
But how strange is the change
After time has hurried by,
Four years have passed since then,
Now I’m not so quick to cry.
I’m bigger and I’m stronger,
I’ve grown a foot in height.
Suddenly I’M popular
And YOU’RE left out the light.
I could, if I wanted,
Be so unkind to you.
I would only have to say
And the other boys would do.
But the memory of my pain
Holds back the revenge I’d planned
And instead I feel much stronger
By offering you my hand.


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Selby C 23 March 2020

They are so good to children like me

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Ray Mather Popularity

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