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Remembering 9/11: Ten Years On - Poem by Angela Wybrow

Ten years have now passed since that fateful September day,
When many people's loved ones were cruelly whipped away.
Children, who lost parents, have turned into young women and men;
Husbands and wives still feel their loss now, as they did way back then.

Also on that day, many Mums and Dads lost their daughters and sons.
Many people were in the prime of their lives and were still so young.
Aunts and uncles too, lost their much loved nieces and nephews;
No decent human being could believe the heart stopping news.

I remember how I watched the events unfold, that day on TV.
I found it very difficult to take in the images which I could see.
I distinctly remember seeing the Twin Towers falling
And found the terrifying footage so extremely appalling.

How could the culprits sit there and watch them fall,
Knowing, full well, that they, alone, were responsible?
It's bad enough when you kill or injure someone by accident,
But those untimely deaths were planned and were cruelly meant.

Even when things in life go so very tragically wrong,
New York City showed the world it could be so strong.
They picked up the pieces, and showed they wouldn't be beat.
Only a short time later, the City was getting back upon its feet.

Today, there are many remembrance ceremonies taking place,
Being attended by the many decent people of the human race.
They wanted to remember both people they had and hadn't met.
That day is one day that the entire world never will ever forget.

By the events that day, you couldn't help but be moved.
How callous some people can be, this day really proved.
That morning, people innocently made their way to work,
Completely unaware of the dangers which, nearby, lurked.

The world was caught up in a complete and utter nightmare.
People couldn't hide their shock and feelings of total despair.
We remember all those killed that day, now exactly ten years on.
The memories of that day, from our minds, will never ever be gone.

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