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Revelation's Finale' - So Close... - Poem by MoonBee Canady


' Revelation's Finale' - So Close... '

(Rev.21: 1 - 7)

The Full Reaping of The Harvest
Is Finally So Close...
For The Full Revelation Finale'
... Is So Very, Very Close

Its So Close...
We Can Almost Touch It & Taste It
So Close, In Fact...
We Can Almost Feel It & Face It

So Close...
To Finding - We Can Almost Time-Frame-It
Yet, We Don't Know How Close...
Nor Can Anyone Change It...

Still, Its So Close...
I Can Hear It & Can Say It
So Close...
I Can Wait For It or Even Chase It

Its That Close...
I Can Almost Embrace It
But So Far
Enemies Can't Claim nor Invade It
(cause' its that close)

Are We There Yet? ... No!
Are We There Yet? ... No!
Are We There Yet? ...

Its So Close...
That The Brave Are Starting To Boast
So Close...
GOD's Great Day Is Really So Close

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

And If One Knows What To Look For
and Knows How & Where To Look
One Can Uncover Why Having Patience
Is Like Proof-Reading Pages In A Perfect Book

and Follow The Signs & Symbols
and Easy Instructions, So Clear
'Til The One... We've Been Waiting For
From Holy Scriptures - Appears...

And Its's Like A Treasure Map
Where We Are All 'Indiana Jones'
Seeking The Garden of Eden
and The Gateway Back Home

And We Are All Like Allan Quatermain
On The Greatest of Adventures
On A Journey Thru Cosmic Seas
To The Universe's Center...

Where All The Rainbows & The Stars
and Moons & Sunshine Comes From
Where We've All Dreamed To Go
But Never Before Could Come...
(Rev.21: 1-7,22-26 / Eccl.3: 11 / John 8)
(Luke 23: 43 / Rev.22: 17,20)

and Its So Close...
To The Perfect Promised Land
So Close...
To Perfect Freedom For Every Woman & Man

Where There's No Sickness & No Sin
Nor Sadness, Nor Death, Nor Curse
Just The Blessings of Joy & Justice
and Peace & Prosperity's Purse
and Pure Love's Power...
... Pulsating All Over On This Earth!

and Its So Close...
That Earth's Space Contains It
So Close...
Heaven Is Coming To Re-Arrange It

So Close...
The Prophecies of GOD's Promise
So Close To Fulfillment
So Trust HIM! - HE's Honest

(and its so close...
to where the world will hunt us
yes, so close...
yet, Christ informed & warned us)

So Close...
The Time of Reckoning Is Almost On Us
Its So Close...
The Scope Has Magnified & Shown Us

Yeah, So Close...
We Can See The Signals That GOD Sends
So Close...
Here Comes Eternal Life That Never Ends

So Close...
and He Never Left His True Friends
So Close...
He Is With Us, Even Now... Amen

So Close...
To What We've Been Waiting For
So Close...
That Its No Longer A Distant Shore

So Close...
Its Just Angels' Wings Away
So Close...
... and Getting Closer Every Day

So Close...
Its Just A Prayer's Answer - Ok
So Close...
and Our GOD... Will Not Delay

So Close...
So Let Go of Doubt's Hype & Hoax
'Cause Its So Close...
Hold - On, In This Last Hour, To Our Hope

'Cause Its So Close...
So Stay In The Enclosure of The Fold
Its That Close...
So Keep The Faith, Don't Let Go

... For We Ourselves Could Not Close
The Breach of Our Sins So Humongous
So GOD Sent HIS Only Begotten Son HE Chose
As The Bridge To Reach Among Us

... and Ever Since - HE's Drawing Us Close
Back Into Love's Arms & Holy Solution
and Drawing Us Ever Close
To Revelation's Wonderful Conclusion

... and Its So Close

Written & Copyrighted ©: 1/31/2014
by: MoonBee Canady

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Paradise Lost and Paradise To Come - Is So Close...

Some Say That Utopia
Is Just A Wishful Dream
Shangri-La' & Xanadu...
Is Also Such It Seems

Also, The Legend of Avalon
of Which Ballads Sing
and The Elaysian Fields
of Which Ancients Believed...

But The Garden of Eden...
Names Its 4 Location River-Streams
& To This Day, The 'Euphrates'
Is A Part of Its Locale-Seam

So Eden, Was Really Actual
& In The Kingdom of GOD's Theme
It Has Real History, Real People
& Also Named Its Future King

That Eden's Considered Viable
Archaeologists Have Deemed
Eden's Accurate & 'Consistent' Account
Has The Sound of Truth Which Rings

And It Stands Up To Any Logical
Its The 1st Promised Land of Plenty
Given By GOD Supreme

So Paradise - Is Not Just Some
Fantasy-Idea Thing
Nor Some Vague, Once Upon A Time
Man-Made Term or Scheme

For Paradise, Once Existed
On Our Earthly Home Scene
'O' It Must Have Been
Spectacularly Lovely & Serene!

It Must Have Had A Warm, Blue Sky
Which Like A Dome Richly Gleamed
Over The Garden of
GOD's Forest & Orchard Trees

As Golden Sunlight Sloped
Downward In Slanted Skeins
and JAH's Morning Mist, Watered
& Gave It - Rainbow Sheens!

The View Must Have Been A Portrait
In Vibrant, Verdant Greens
Covering Fertile Dark Earth
Beside Waterfalls & Lakes So Clean

Where Lions Laid In Ferns & Flowers
and Stately Peacocks Preened
Where Elephants & Bears & Giraffes
Munched Contentedly On Leaves
and Vegetation & Plump, Juicy Fruit
Interspersed In Between....

And Big Tigers & Bright Butterflies
Lolled Indolent By Hives of Bees
As Multi-Hued Birds, Ravens & Hawks
Nested Where Chimpanzees Swing

and Wolves & Elk & Hares
Join With Swans & Big Horn Sheep
As Dolphins, Whales & Leviathans
Played & Sprayed Far Away In Seas

Which Kept The Pleasant Climate
Of Eden's Season of Spring
In The Enclosure of Eden...
Which Was Planted With Much Esteem

Where GOD Himself - Walked...
In The Garden, In The Breeze
... Then Paradise Was Lost -
Due To The Greed of Human Beings...

Yet, When We See A Pretty Park
A Memory, It Does Bring
About Some Long-Lost Utopia
And We Can't Forget That Dream

But Know That The Complete Paradise
On This Earth Will Be Seen
Where The Whole Earth Is Beautifully Restored
To Full Peace and Shining Pristine

When GOD In The Affairs of Mankind
Will Lovingly Intervene
Then Paradise Will Again Once More
Become Humanity's Living Beautiful Dream

... and This Is What Matthew 5: 5 Means...

and Its So Close...

Written & Copyrighted ©: 1/31/2014
by: MoonBee Canady

Poet's Notes about The Poem

This is a narrative (and it is long) I actually placed two poems together... I wrote it in the fashion of speaking of encouragement and faith and determination to reach the goal...


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