Lover Of My Soul Poem by Anders Lim

Lover Of My Soul

Rating: 5.0

Every night I go to bed
Only of you I’m obsessed
Ever since I first met you
I’ve loved you to my very best

I think about your smile
I think about your sorrow
I think about the emotion
You will bring in tomorrow

I think about your eyes
As they look around in delight
Ever since my eyes met you
They loved you at first sight

I think about your hands
As smooth and tender as can be
Every time I needed help
You’d lift your hand out for me

Not only do you appear in reality
You appear in my dreams too
No matter how hard I ever try
I can’t get my eyes, heart, soul and mind off you

The next morning I see you in school
My heart constantly skips a beat
Sometimes I feel so joyous at your sight
I get swept right off my feet

During lessons I can’t seem to concentrate
Wishing you were beside me here
Nothing more that I will desire
Is for you to stay near

After school, as I see you go
A great sense of emptiness I feel
Only you could enlighten my heart
Only you can make my senses appeal

As I walk home from that dull and lonely day
I wished you were holding me tight
Only hallucinations fill my mind
As I walk into the night

Before I fall into a drastic slumber
Only you fill my brain
Thinking of only you that night
I inherit sweet dreams again

Marilyn Lott 31 May 2007

This is such a sweet and romantic poem, written with such depth and feeling. Great job! Marilyn

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Esther Leclerc 20 February 2007

Anders, I really like this piece as it takes me back to those intense feelings of school days. The last stanza in particular says it all, no matter how old one is! Esther : ]

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