As he pondered on pollution
I could see his fear
looking for solution
expressed with a tear

Though your heart is broken into tiny little shards
pick them up and go
like a thousand armed guards
without them

King Tuts Tomb
in the valley of kings
his deaths womb
among his things

As time goes by like it does
I want to cry for what once was
I look back at the places my folks have been
I see their faces in the wind

As I stand on this gallow, a wreck
trembling with a rope around my neck
looking at people looking at me upon this wooden deck
knowing they will pull the pin and send me to my death

One morning I seen a flower facing east
looking at the sun
it followed the sun to say the least
looking west when the day was done

The snow keeps coming down
ever now and then
the plows come around
and scoops it again

The stone was weathered
I couldnt read the name
still people gathered
just the same

As we graze upon reality
is there something we dont see
while I sit and take a glance
I wonder if its all by chance

In our wagon
cutting through the trail
not much food to be braggin
nor water in our pail

I remember when I had only one
over the years
as bedtime nears
those days are gone

I collect depression glass
the cobalt blue kind
it has a lot of class
I buy all I can find

If I were you
and you were me
your eyes I would look through
and mine I would see

I cry and cry for my little bird
iI am speechless without word
I try to hide my feelings so sad
though it hurts me all so bad

I walked with him before
I knocked
he opened the door
though secrets he did not reveal

At the end of day
with my bride to be
watching birds at play
walking by the sea

I, m suffering from cabin fever
once a myth
now I, m a beleiver
I, m sitting here bored as can be

Look at the grove
just land and trees
things nature wove
stirring, birds and bee's

When the sun goes down
another day gone
my little town
the lights come on

I remember back in the day of bliss
all we did was lay and kiss
we had no food on table nor shelf
we just survived on love its self


A Single Tear-Iron Eyes Cody

As he pondered on pollution
I could see his fear
looking for solution
expressed with a tear
without saying a word
his eye blurred
his heart stirred
a single tear
people heard


Dianna Clary 06 January 2009

Good poem keep up the writing

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