Reverse Masking Poem by Randy McClave

Reverse Masking

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If the rules were suddenly reversed
And the children were to die first,
Because of the virus still up in the air
Wouldn't more people then worry and care.
Parents and grandparents would then do all that they could
As now they morally already should,
To keep their children and their grandchildren protected
So, that they won't be harmed or affected.
Parents and grandparents would do absolutely anything
So, tomorrow with the Angels their children won't sing,
Now to many parents we are singing them a goodbye hymn
Instead of caring or doing our best to protect them.
If we knew because of us that our children would live or die
We would do more than to judge, criticize or cry,
No parent or grandparent would anyone need to ask
Without hesitation for our children we would all wear a mask.

Randy L. McClave

Sunday, November 29, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: children,safety
L Milton Hankins 29 November 2020

Hooray, Randy! ! ! ! It makes me feel so good to hear someone write sense about this dreadful virus! If I may, I think we wouldn't want the children " harmed or affected." It's an easy word to mix up.

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Randy McClave

Randy McClave

Ashland, Kentucky
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