Review Of My Poem A Look At Life-43 Poem by Smrui Ranjan Mohanty

Review Of My Poem A Look At Life-43

Thanks and gratitude Prof Cijo Joseph Chennelil, eminent poet and internationally acclaimed literay critic for your fabulous analysis of my poem 'A LOOK AT LIFE -43'.Infact your brilliant interpretation of the poem made it look more beautiful and complete

Smruti Ranjaniji,

Your poem titled"A Look At Life -43"is a poem that sheds light on the alienation and isolation experienced by old parents in the evening of their life due to them being abandoned by their grown up children, this is a horrendous prospect, many old parents today stare at day in and day out in our society of changing value system and a total lack of concern for the geriatric population.Here in the poem, the old parents have nothing to count upon because their hopes and expectations with respect to their children looking after them in their old age are misplaced and belied to a large extent.The parents bring up children thinking and hoping that these children will be of help to them in the final stage of their life, that is now discounted completely.The parents earn everything for the sake of the children, but at the end, the children are ungrateful to their parents.The reasons behind the old parents getting stifled in their home environment at old age can be attributed to two flaws of upbringing of their children by them(a) the children are burdened with the task of fulfilling the aspirations of their parents instead of them being asked to chase their dreams in life and(b) often children are told to concentrate upon the process of making money instead giving them advices by their parents regarding the pursuance of the principles such as truth, love, brotherhood, tolerance and compassion in their lives.Such crazy pursuit of money creates an atmosphere of use and throw culture leading to this objectionable state of affairs in the life of the old parents.At the end of the day, the old parents have each other for company, here in the poem the husband/wife combination reconciles to their situation or fate with total resignation and finds solace in each others arms.Kudos to you for composing such a poem of magnificent nature.

Written by Cijo Joseph Chennelil, The Head of the English Department Kristu Jyoti College of Management and Technology Chethipuzha Changanassary Kottayam District Kerala India All Copyrights Reserved@ On 16th September 2017.

Thanks and gratitude to my adorable friend and eminent poet Tulsi Shrestha for his wonderful analysis and words of appreciation which made the poem complete

The most beautiful lines of your creation where soul of spirt embodied there in...

" look at me, am I not your whole world?
am I not your dream, present, past and future ?
When I am here, why are you so sad ?

The empathetic expression really moved me and my cheeks stained with tears.
Most of old aged parents have been facing such a painful situation and their grown up sons never try to listen scream of their grief and loneliness.
These lines do reflect and echo bitter reality of modern society.

Salute for your creativity and articulation skill to ensure emotional sensitivity in each word and event.
I adore you my dear friend for your unique exceptional write.


No present to live for,
no future to look forward to
I was unfolding the pages of life
to feel the beautiful moments I lived
to know the person I was
which is so alien right now.

That dilapidated building,
my wife's dream,
built on my sweat and blood
still stands there.
The delicately furnished interiors
with lots of dirt and filth now
laugh at me
telling me how wrong and futile I was
in dreaming a future
that never came by.

The broken walls of the house,
persian carpets hanging on it
with coats of dusts remind me
how elegant once they were,
how passionately they were decorated
like a bride to welcome my son
and his newly wed.

How beautiful and fulfilling life was
the crumbling relics of which now we have,
the costly toys and beautiful gadgets
lovingly procured for our grand children
lying dead in a corner,
like us they need someone's touch
to come alive again.

Recapitulating those glorious days
and fascinating moments
completely lost I was.
Alll of a sudden
I felt someone touching my shoulder.
She was non else but
my wife with a cup of tea
passionately looking at me,
telling me with a loving smile,
'look at me, am I not your whole world?
am I not your dream, present, past and future? when I am here, why are you so sad'

copyright@smrutiranjan 15.9.2017

Review Of My Poem A Look At Life-43
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