Review Of My Poem Something Look At-18 Poem by Smrui Ranjan Mohanty

Review Of My Poem Something Look At-18

Thanks and gratitude to Prof Cijo Joseph Chennelil, eminent poet and internationally acclaimed literary critic for writing critical appreciation on my poem 'SOMETHING I LOOK AT-18' in beautiful words.Thank you very much sir for the honour

Smruti Ranjaniji,

Your poem titled"Something I Look at-18"is a poem that advocates for the ushering in of peace and tranquillity into this world.Peace is the key to success in life, in a violent ridden society, nothing can work out properly and everything in such a society is in turmoil and chaos.The two crucial fundamentals that we need to install in our social dealings are peace and love, without which this world can't go far enough in its composition and make-up.When peace is inserted into a society, that society attains happiness and prosperity which can lead to the overall development and progress of that society in the long run. We are unable to bring peace into this world because of the personal egos, complexes and unwanted conflicts we indulge in here in this world which we must do away with at any cost or rate.When a society experiences extreme terror that can destroy that society in a manner from which it may not be able to stage a comeback for long, so the promotion of violence in a society is a recipe for complete chaos.There are elements in the world today who think that by the infusion of apprehensions in the minds of the people, they can establish peace, that contention is far from the truth, through the imposition of fear on the people, peace can't be implemented or breathed in anywhere into society or people.Peace can't be sold or purchased in the open market because it is something that should happen due to the mutual and bilateral meeting of the minds and hearts.It should be understood here that the concept of peace is a lifelong process, it must be pursued from cradle to the grave.The focal point of all human endeavours is peace alone and if we look into and search in the interiors of the interiors of our hearts, we come across peace as a blissful experience, we all need to cherish and nurture to put in place a society of upgradation and betterment.At the end of the day, peace must be the guiding light leading us from the front, this kind of peace we can have, only if we have the power of self introspection and self retrospection which can create a world living in harmony, peace, tranquillity, reconciliation, cooperation, collaboration and co-existence.Kudos to you for composing such a poem of magnificent nature.

Written by Cijo Joseph Chennelil.The Head of the English Department Kristu Jyoti College of Management and Technology Chethipuzha Changanassary Kottayam District Kerala India All Copyrights Reserved@ On 21st September 2017.


A continuous endeavor in pursuit of peace
Often equated with happiness
Which is not
Happiness is a transitory phenomenon
In between two sorrows
While peace is a permanent treasure
When it descends deserts non

To conceive of world peace is a myth
When individuals are at war
With emotions and instincts
Anxieties and ambitions
With naked self interest parading high and high
In the guise of virtue
Mentally still in the primitive society
It is a battle of each against all

Balance of terror
Is something we aim at
Intend to have that scenario
Where each state strong enough
To inflict unacceptable damage upon the other
And ensure that
Each state lives in perpetual fear of the other

Fear by its very nature
Can never be the basis of world peace
Mental peace of the individuals
Inhabiting the world
Can be the only basis for sustainable peace

Peace is not a commodity
To be purchased at a price
Nor it will come out as euphoria
From any international agreement
It is to be sought within

We have come out of peace
Obvious we are in search of it
Since cradle to the grave
Life is a journey for peace and peace only

At the end of the day
Everybody needs peace
Behind every human action
The driving force is peace
We all are
Searching for peace
But in wrong ways
Only we are to change direction
We are to peep inside
And realise our real nature
Which is nothing
But Truth Bliss and Absolute

Where ever you go what ever you do
No peace
Until you content yourself
Something to be carefully harvested
And meticulously nurtured
Nothing and nothing but
Self introspection and realisation
Can save the world from complete annihilation

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Review Of My Poem Something Look At-18
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