Rewrite Me Poem by Bleeding Heart

Rewrite Me

Why does this keep happening to me,
One second everything's fine,
Everything's gone,
And then one mistake and I ruin everything,
I'm constantly tripping and stumbling,
Trying to find my way,
And wondering what am I doing here?
And is this all really worth it,
Even if I know it is never going to change.

And as these tears fall like snowflakes on my cheeks,
I wonder if I can just get it right the first time.
I want to give up,
Because it hurts,
That's never really gone away,
And no matter how much I trudge,
And no matter how strong I try to stay,
I'm breaking all over again,
But I don't know if I'll make it this time.

A truth that I have found within myself
Is that I don't want to go on after June
I want the world to Stop
Because I'm scared I will lose everything I know,
But at the same time,
I have to go,
And find my own way,
But I’m scared to take a step,
Because then, you might disappear.

I can’t face the cold alone,
And it’s coming for me,
Fast like the Jetstream
I feel like my life is slipping away,
And I wonder to myself,
Who am I fighting for,
Everyone else…

Sometimes I wish I could rewrite my story
And have someone else write it for me,
It would be one of those beautiful tragedies,
That they would read in schools
And they would say how sad her story was
In the end she dies,
Broken and alone,
At least,
At least they would remember my name.

But the only reason I can’t face this,
Is because,
I’m scared you’ll abandon me.
So now I say,
Rewrite my story,
Change the way it ends,
Take what’s left
And reshape it.

So you can remake me,
Make me start anew
Because I don’t care
I surrender myself,
To the end
Of my story.
Death isn’t the end,
It’s a new beginning.

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