Rhapsody In Blue (Rose: Frantasia) Poem by Denis Martindale

Rhapsody In Blue (Rose: Frantasia)

Although named Rhapsody in Blue, it's commonly agreed,
It's iridescent purple hue... Rose of the Year, indeed!
It's got a fragrance that enchants the disenchanted soul
And so we ask, let it enhance, for beauty is its goal!
Of all the flowers gardens share, this rose deserves its place.
It radiates both style and flair, puts smiles on every face...
The Main Road that we daily walk involves us to the hilt.
When we're at home, we sit and talk, so tired that we wilt...
Perhaps it's then that we look out to see this rose in bloom...
Remembering, without a doubt, its God-blessed sweet perfume!
Buy other coloured roses, too, for rainbows here on Earth!
Yes, credit where credit is due... for every rose has worth!

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