Rebecca Maiese

Ribbon Of Time - Poem by Rebecca Maiese

We exist afloat on a ribbon time
Dictating where we go next on its line
We cannot stop this crude encirclement of its flow
Always forward never backwards or too fast or too slow
Fortunetellers look into your future would be unable to control
Or end the link of threads of stories forebode
Nor take measurements to explain
All the past that bore you pain
Curse or fray time still burns
Let us look past the strands for a turn
Removing the ribbon of time
That holds our existence in this line

Think on this instead friends
Let us become angels
And exist for our fellow man
As windows of heaven
So many that we become as grains of sand
Accede as the breeze of God flows freely to those whom have been
Hurt and abused, lost and used for all mankind is not at loss
From the pain bore on this ribbon of time
Even the one that hung on the cross
Take up your ribbon and tie it around them
The ones that have no more strength to go
Tied together beauty in our bow

What will it take?
What do you wish for me to tell?
But if you feel the ribbons strands tug your heart for a broken creature
Pick them up and become their friend and teacher
Love is the only breeze that gusts from heavens glory
Let the love from the inside ascend out
As this is always the best part of the story
My angels and my friends
Love like gods as we look past the sin
For none is sin except to hold love within

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, August 21, 2012

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