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I carry my heart of crystal in my hands
That has been carelessly stolen by
My most trusted friend
Smashed into ten million pieces

Not defined by what was done to you
Or what was done by you
The essence of a woman is much more than this
Made to captivate all around her


The other, wider path looks nice to me but it's full of mediocrity and neither yes or no
Maybe haunts my mind as a plague that once turned on encircles my thoughts until I find it
A yes or no…the wider path has more gray so I fear it
The narrow path has less gray somehow greatness can be done here

So many kisses I give out in a day
More than twenty but none that take my breathe away
Wake up kisses for my children
Good bye kisses on the checks

I have scars on me, from my head to toe so vile to behold
No man could stand to lovingly hold me as his passion burns for release
Not for the disfiguring nature of my scars or the pain it bares to feel embraced
When I am looked upon and others see me beauty and grace in my vessel that holds

To love someone that cannot love you back
To be loved like no other when you are ready to collapse
Pouring into another the utmost devotion and grace
Waiting so patiently for their effervescent waters to flow so you can taste

At last the storms are gone; the blue skies; the bright Son
And shipwrecks lay at rest within the depths of my Sea
My reigning King I will go where you go, lead me I will follow
His wind echoes for love come home

We exist afloat on a ribbon time
Dictating where we go next on its line
We cannot stop this crude encirclement of its flow
Always forward never backwards or too fast or too slow

Artless in all my ways
Including my love for you
Wildly passionate
Loyal to the end of time

The hands that hold so much
So much the world that we know has to offer
Including the days that are to be always remembered as awful
But you held them all together with a gentle touch

You make me love you without trying
Your smile, your peaceful presence, the way you look at me
Traveling down this path of grace out of and further
Further still from the humilities' road of forlorn


Some people bear their scars on their face
Others bear scars on their body
Some have bones that have not healed straightly
Others have no bones or flesh for a hand or arm, foot or leg

To be loved as I am now
Perfection in the eyes of a man
All of my flaws thought to be character
And my heart that is sometimes bitter

I was holy set apart from the rest
This choice not my own but my father's in heaven I confess
Then the unthinkable happened to me
Not of my choice or means and upon me

Look to me for everything
I will walk with you
You love me like a song
Not just the voice that carries

Think on me sometimes
Wonder if I am fine
Love me and look at me
As I did on those days

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Art is something that comes naturally to me whatever the canvas, I will paint a picture set a mood with words and captivate my audience for a little while. I hope you enjoy my poems.)

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My Crystal Heart

I carry my heart of crystal in my hands
That has been carelessly stolen by
My most trusted friend
Smashed into ten million pieces

When I pick it up
Ask the maker of it
To fix the brokenness
He is only able to glue together
One or two pieces before the carelessness of others
Ensnare me only to let me expose my crystal pieces
So they can strike them from my hands once more

Every time I pick up the pieces of crystal
My hands are cut and bleed

To hold a broken heart made of crystal
In delicate hands of bleeding flesh
Who can survive this?

Every time my crystal pieces are forced from my hands
And break on the ground
The pieces are smaller
And I have nothing to give to the maker of my heart

Now my crystal heart is only dust
Of shimmering specks that randomly catch the light

Even though it was once gloriously made
it is nothing very special to see

I look at my dust
I still can remember what it was before
Lament for my precious crystal heart
Pray for it to be restored to me again

My hands that carry my dust are so raw
The dust infects the wounds that will not heal

The hands that I had used to care for the ones I love
Now only hurt me and the others I touch

I suppose that it would be easier
To wash way the shimmering dust
So that my hands will heal
So I will not have anything left for my adversaries to mistreat

But I will not have my beautiful heart made of crystal
That I treasured so much

I will have nothing to give the lover of my soul when he wears me
Is heartlessness worse than broken heartedness?
I cannot say

I have found so many people that are heartless
Those with broken hearts that they painfully carry
Not one is better than the other

My prayer now is not for restoration of my crystal heart
But for the maker of it to take it from me completely
He will bandage my hands with care
Take the dust back into the fire
To make something new
As I rest my weariness next to the safety of his side

I do not know if I will have the beautiful heart of crystal again
I know that it will never be the same as before
I trust my maker to give me a good thing

His power and strength will never be less than my adversaries
His love of justice
Jealously of his creation
Causes him to rise up in anger
Strike down my enemies as I rest As I rest
I am eager for my heart to be restored
I will have a place for the lover of my soul delight himself within

My one desire
Is to delight myself in the glory of my maker and lover of my soul
I will not be a captive in his house
I am his bride and he is my bride groom
His strength will be my strength
His love will be my love
His heart will be my heart to give to me
As the maker of my own heart has

God keeps my beautiful crystal heart that he has remade
Gave me His to carry
I am not heartless anymore
My adversaries will try to break my Father's heart and fail

His strength of heart is greater than their own
He suffered for me
I am stronger than before because of his love for me
His heart that I carry
Is made of diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires

The beauty of his heart
Far better than the splendor of my own
He will not let anyone diminish my fragile heart of crystal
It is worth the same amount to him as his own heart

His heart broke for me
He gave it to me on the cross a long time ago
Before I was born

But he knew me then
Loved me as his own flesh
Died to save me from ruination and despair

I have never deserved such a love
but I desire him as he desires me
Find me again, my love
delight yourself within me again

I will never stop desiring you my Lord and savior
I am eternally yours to delight yourself in

My ecstasy is found in pleasing the lover of my soul
Your compassion for my broken heart
More than anyone else since you understand the pain of losing
Your son that you loved so much

You understand my deepest sorrows
Have the power to heal what would not heal before
Please give me wisdom and strength
From your own that I may walk in a cruel world
Not living in despair of it

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Adon Solis 14 October 2012

Rebecca knows exactly how to wrap me in her poems. She is surely honest and her perspective of life entertaining. I look forward to read many more of her poems and learn from them as I do outside of poetry. I hope you become successful Rebecca.. I love you girl! ! :)

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Jameel Ahmed Ansari 20 September 2012

The most elegant and naturally gifted in writing, Rebecca possess a unique talent of writing the out of the box poems. She writes really interesting poems. A great charming personality, Rebecca has a very honest and generous view towards life. I like to read her writings and I am excited to read many more new poems and short stories that she writes. Wish you all success in life.

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