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Rebecca Maiese Poems

1. The Road Of Grace 7/31/2012
2. Scars 7/31/2012
3. My Love's Song 8/1/2012
4. Perfect Love 8/9/2012
5. Renounced 11/9/2012
6. Rhythms Of Grace 3/20/2013
7. Do You Still 5/15/2013
8. Ribbon Of Time 8/21/2012
9. My Black Sea 11/9/2012
10. Beast Of Burden 7/31/2012
11. Fearless Love 9/5/2012
12. Maybe 8/4/2012
13. Steal My Kisses 8/9/2012
14. Burdens Of The Past 8/9/2012
15. Essence Of Woman 8/14/2012
16. My Crystal Heart 6/15/2012
Best Poem of Rebecca Maiese

My Crystal Heart

I carry my heart of crystal in my hands
That has been carelessly stolen by
My most trusted friend
Smashed into ten million pieces

When I pick it up
Ask the maker of it
To fix the brokenness
He is only able to glue together
One or two pieces before the carelessness of others
Ensnare me only to let me expose my crystal pieces
So they can strike them from my hands once more

Every time I pick up the pieces of crystal
My hands are cut and bleed

To hold a broken heart made of crystal
In delicate hands of bleeding flesh
Who can ...

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Some people bear their scars on their face
Others bear scars on their body
Some have bones that have not healed straightly
Others have no bones or flesh for a hand or arm, foot or leg
Some have burden of sight or hearing missing
Others endure the burden of lacking an ability to walk rightly
Still others have an affliction of the family of their birth or unkindness of any kind
My scars are not seen but bleed from the inside then out with tears that continue to flow
But the worst to feel i

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