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Ricochet - Poem by Stephanie0Nadine Kjaerbaek

Dear Palestinian, you are your own worst enemy
When you build settlements for a foreign entity
On your own homeland's precious soil, see
Zionism in your territory
Segregation in all its glory.

You can choose the eighth wonder of the world
In your oil fields and your petroleum yields
But you shall never see the river manmade
flow back into desert fields turned in fields of
grain, in the Sahara; a breadbasket of plenty.

You can choose the gateway to pursuit
but the passage leads us back blindly
to those gates of pursuit that stood out
on the edge of a field so slyly.

The fire within, is that a sin
A hand that starts the touch before
the mind's hesitation should begin
You can say I hold a grudge
And that I am one quick to judge
But when you ask for honesty
Don't betray the truth within me
You get what you want and what you see
That is what you asked for, honestly
So who are you to so quickly judge me
But the sword against the fingertips
That was to you a swivel of the hips
Words of kindness and cruelty.

We can walk like Isis with her shame
And her father's blinded Bedouin eyes
Across the scattered land of isles
With an old memory of mother
a woman he once seduced and beguiled
unbeknownst to him all the while
Twenty years and a hundred miles
When the psyche unravels
Tattered, torn and scattered
in a soul told 'you never mattered'
Is this society satisfied
by it materialism and false pride
prejudice against the ones who tried.

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, December 6, 2009

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