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Road To Fame - Poem by kalpana shah

Ever since a childhood
Yaana sang for Manya
Every song she loved to hear
To forget every tear she dropped
When she was scolded every time
from her parents to set her right
Yaana, an eldest of the two
Could not bear the little sis cry
for beating from her step mom received
It was Maanya who was hurt
But was yaana to suffer

As they grew
From the cocoon they flew
To the distant land
One from other distance grew
Yaana settled with her career bright
Maanya's interest in filmdom drew
Close to road of straying blew
Slow by slow she waylaid
Her ways to late night parties wild
Every night, inebriated, intoxicated
with drugs and glasses of wines throttled
With every man her expectations grew
For a small or better role she could do
She slept slept every night
With every new man she found
Hopes and influence attraction raised

Frustration, anger disaster soared
Heights to drought her soul to drill
Her conscience almost dead
Would silently lead her tears
Never to dry
All friends she met on way
Where greedy for money she spent
To let her ego inflate
To keep them happy
She did what they told her so
But the need to help had aroused
they all turned their faces to foes
Regretting and fuming
in her anger drew curtains
of her room to close
Silent in bed she laid to part
From the world of selfish slews

Her days and nights
were drowned intoxicated
Little to realize
her state of mind
Now on her bed, in her room
Every man in her prime knew
For few rupees she killed her soul
with her weared body old
Old before her age she grew
Negligence on her health
She brought by force
which once she cared dearly
Hospitalized for pills
she popped at large
Her end that was earlier
than her time she called

Day or two later, on the bed
She fluttered
she found her sister near
She gazed blankly, empty eyes
Hollow of her eyes darkened
Like a deep well telling
A long story sad
Yaana cuddles and kisses
Takes her sister in her arms
Crying and kissing
Kissing and crying
Till Maanya's eyes
Filled with tears
For a fall to flow
As long as her sadness
Left a vacuum to fill up
Not with sadness
But love for
her sister brimmed

Describing how she loathed
Her life so cruel
and the world around
How she wondrously
wandered in every arms
Of flaunting hope
She swirled and danced
And drooped so low
In the arms of night
Every tale of every night
Lamented tortured soul
To cry
Both the sisters cuddled tight
laid both in reunion delight

Seeing her sister on her side
Looking after her needs and care
All the lost love both compensated
Both of them had much to tell
Much to gain lost bond to regain

She reads for her
and dances for her
Taking her places
by carrying her verbally
Fruits and drinks she buys for her
With her ownself prepares her food
She looks after her
like more than her own self
Slowly maanya's health glowed
but her eyes did not
betray her heart
Desperate voice
has much to say
How she suffered?
How every night?
she felt tormented?
How she loathed men?
In every man she found a face
Behind a mask rules
A terror whipping all parts
of body and soul
She could not find her voice
to say as she was ashamed of self,
'why she chose a disgraceful path? '

Yaana not so naive
to not feel the pain of hers
Still she smiled with a smile
For her little sister to delight
Slowly she reached out to her heart
Every day cajoling and consoling her
Cuddling and kissing her
Telling her stories
and taking her places
to feed her imagination
Lost in world of imagination
she lost her pain to release her
Slaved mind with thoughts unkind

One day to yaana's delight
She unfolded her mind
Tearful eyes
with pained lips
She poured her woes
She poured and poured
till her heart had nothing left
She kissed her hugged her
Till her heart could delve
All tears when dried
Her soul was left with nothing to deny

Ready to be punished
For the guilt stricken mind
From a sister by her side
With no more fear inside
Now she smiled and laughed aloud
She happily decided to live her life
with dignity and pride
With her sister around
no more straying around
She found her lost confidence
She found her inner strength
To fight to win,
once lost battle
She survived she learnt
Every nuances of her work
She worked hard and hard
Till she reached her peak

On the stage she stands
When she hears her name ring
For the award and fame she received
She glows and shines
With her sister beside
She cries and cries
Till her heart dries
She calls her sister on dias
and thankfully hugs
her sister beloved!

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