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The Beauty Of Death

I reason death in its glorious beauty
Like golden evening cloud
On a bright sunny day


My nutrient drink
My propelling force

A Mother's Tears

Cry of any mother pierces the soul
Knowing her tenderness and love
Whosoever causes the flow of tears
Is worthy of incarceration.


The waters around me
are shallow with debris
Unappealing to my taste

The Village Braggart

Just like the cloud everywhere
You need not search anywhere
You need not even wait too long
To notice the village braggart

Kingsley Egbukole Quotes

25 August 2019

To everyone is a garment of diverse size

26 August 2019

Peace is cheap to the meek and humble but dear to the proud and arrogant

28 August 2019

Life without pain is tasteless and without pleasure bitter (Monday 20th September,2004)

28 August 2019

Endurance makes the strong man

29 August 2019

Conscience is the eye that sees true self and does not lie.

Kingsley Egbukole Comments

Hans Vr 03 October 2019

A poet, speaking to the heart of his reader with verses that provoke deep thoughts and inspire the soul.

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Thomas Dooley 15 September 2020

Just wondering why do you do a poem as part 1, part 2 ect? Why not condense them into one poem?

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Panagiota Romios 08 February 2020

A great Poet constant friend and supporter. Sorry. Trouble with site. I don't get notices when you publish or comment 2/8/20. Nor yours to mine, Miss you and Kostas and Fran and Sandra Feldman...

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dsfsvsvds 27 January 2020

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Patrick okot 11 January 2020

You will continue with this kind think

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Haruna Garba 07 November 2019

But inexhaustible From constant drawing Good imagery about continuous use of hope. Thanks for sharing.

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