Kevin Wang

Rookie (1994 / Lakewood)

'Romeo And Juliet' - Poem by Kevin Wang

Naught but an ordinary teen,
hidden amongst thy shadows for thy protection of thee.
Speechless amongst thy portrait upon thy yonder moon,
tis thy reflection of thee contains thy water tis disturbed,
by thou droplets fallen down from thy chin

I fear thee, tis thou air seems but only disturbed rather than in thy slumber.
I will protect thee, thy beauty of thy rose.
Upon yonder, tis a perilous fight amongst thy river of thorns.
Tis but I say, thou shall not die,
but only shall cleanse my soul
washing thy colors of red away
my black sails will never rise upon thee
thou shaln’t cry
even though my blood may be splattered upon thy night sky
I cry upon thee
to see thy smile on thou cherubic face
to see it once again
just once
I shall not die but to see your face once more

From my love to thee,
I swear upon thy sword ‘til thy hands of our holy Father,
for that I shall fight to thy last if I must,
tis thou every wish will be done,
I feel guilty below thy eyes of God,
tis but an ordinary teen,
hath deeply fallen in love but only to thy light of thee.

To be drowned in thy love,
suffers thy heart.
tis thy tears fall upon thy face,
tis but only tears o’er thy joy,
thy feel tis thou are a gift from God.
An angel, an angel,
thy gift made by thy hands of our holy Father
haply thy lights above,
oh how grateful for thy music in thy ears
thy doors to heaven hath been opened,
thou face shines amongst thy night sky
from thy lips drew out thy hallelujah

Thou not knowst thy meaning of thy love
thou love touchst us one time,
just one time,
thy love will last for a lifetime.
Memories kept on thy wall
thou shall never forget them.

Naught but feel thy dream,
tis but a dream, only ‘til tis last forever.
thou are’st my princess,
upon thy stone, I shall be but only a paladin.
only but to thee.
hath I wish to be invisible by thou naked eye
haply thou can see my misery,
oh, thy heavens above
I wish to cry out but only to thee
only these three words
“I love thee.”

I slay upon thy fire-breathing monster
thou shall not cry
thou shall not kill
thou shall not die
for thou be protected
forever shall thou be in my heart
forever, forever
knowst my love for thee
doth protected upon perilous fights
o’er thy great hills
o’er thy great blue sea
o’er my boundless love to thee
shall I not but sail to thy light of thee

Ere, I shall forswear to thee,
to be forever by you
no matter what danger shall come to thee
I shall slay to protect thy golden light
upon thy heavenly clouds,
may thy lord protect thou godlessly image.

naught but feel
but a dream,
but a fantasy,
but a fairytale,
if only, if only,
to last forever,
only to be in love with thee.

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