Skylar Kendall

San Pedro, California

Room 13

Rating: 4.0
Sometime in late, late December, of this I do remember
Of the time I visited that haunted floor
That haunted room, which held it all
It was ther behind that door
All haunts me behind that door
I shall remember it, forevermore

The cold wind chilled my bones, as I walked there all alone
To have myself a one room door
To rest my head upon a pillow sweet
Only to have found within this door
Everything haunted on this floor
Beasts and ghost of nevermore

I walked in to see, no one was there though, only me
As I walked through the dirty glass door
To see a counter with only a bell
I stood there on the first floor
Wating for someone to give me a door
Hopeing someone was beyond that door

I rung the bell time after time, by myself only to find
A key did fall on the cold floor
With a tag of the number 13
I finally found my door
The 13 old upon the door
So I opened the lock to explore

As I slowly crept inside, I surely did find
A bed and a desk was beyond that door
With a window to show the night
I loved the room behind that door
Very glad I had explored
Through I shall feel that way nevermore

As I walked on through, I thought on to
Why did a key fall for this door?
Suddenly then the door shut in
' It is only the wind that shut the door'
I said as I walked away from the door
I walked around the room to explore

I checked over by the window seal, as I looked I began to kneel
And saw the wind could not of shut my door
For the window had always been closed
What could of shut my door
I felt not to explore
I forgot of my haunted door

I slowly walked, as did I heard some talk
Talk behind another door
The other door within the room
What could be behind the door?
What should I do, explore?
What could live behind this other door?

My heart began to race, adrenaline begins to lace
My veins for what is behind the door.
The talk, satanic quiet in fact
What beast lies past that door
What spirit entices me to explore
What demon owns this room behind the door.

As fear begins to slowly take my heart, I slowly begin to fall apart
I grab the rusted knob of the door
My vision blurs, my heart races
As I turn the knob of the door
What could be behind the door?
I swing the door open, a shower there, nothing more

' It was my imagination, that is all', as I walked in a room of white walls
A shower and sink lay behind the door
As I calm myself, I wash up
And I close the other door
I lock the shower door
I ready for bed, thinking of sleep, nothing more.

As I washed my dirty face, I seemed to notice the haunted place
As I start to hear the voice again, behind the door
I think nothing of the voice
The voice behind the door
Until it got louder and louder, then hit the door
I pray now to God, as I cower behind the door

I say the Lord's Prayer and thnk, could this be the devil's link?
It bangs the door, nearly breaking the door
I cry out ' Satan haunt me no more! Christ save me! '
And the beast hit the door nevermore
Leaving it silent behind the locked door
Terrifyed I finish quickly and leave out the door.

Once again in the main room, as I start to fear doom
Doom is impending behind this door
As I see blood run from the walls
I pray again, haunt me nevermore!
Yet the blood runs behind this door
Demons were waiting behind this door.

I cry in terror for help, yet no one hears the yelp
Demons now have me behind this door
A sound now heard from under the bed
A knocking now heard from behind the door
Wet footsteps behind the bathroom door
Demons haunt me forever more

Then only silence is heard, not even the sound a nightly bird
Then from behind the shower door
A wet thump is heard, wet footsteps follow
It starts to turn the knob of the door
I cry again ' Haunt me nevermore! '
The knob is fully turned of that door

The door creates open and I just hopeing
That it is no beast behind that door
Slow foot steps begin to come out
The beast of the shower door
Begins to explore
I pray to God to shut the door

As it steps out I begin to see, the terrible thing in front of me
Its eyes glow red as it explored
Its teeth sharp, skin black
I prayed to shut that door
Why did God not tshut that door
My life is lost thanks to that door

It walks towards me, growling at what it sees
The beast that lurked behind the shower door
I scream ' Shall I live, Shall you spare my life? '
The beast that lurked and wished to explore
Said to me... 'Nevermore'
Monday, July 12, 2010
O my gosh! So glad I read this with the light on! What a fantastic story poem. Such an imagination, you have. I dont ever want to go past that door...ha ha. So well done Sklar.; D
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