Bijay Kant Dubey

Rye On The Ravines By D.H.Kabadi - Poem by Bijay Kant Dubey

Rye On The Ravines is a collection of short poems
Which saw the light of the day
In 1985,
A representative work of the poet
Based on the three-liners
Which he calls them flickers
Bu those are haikus indeed.

A poet of the under-dogs, the have-nots,
The downtrodden and the proletarians,
He tells in a humane way
The feeling of his heart
Without a complaint or bias
Or any ism,
Leftism or rightism,
Criticizing it all in a good spirit of his.

Strange words, strange situations
And the placement of the persona
Under these contexts
Take the centrespace of his
And he writing the things,
Regaling with his thoughts, ideas and images,
All about man and his predicament,
Cosmic wilderness,
The lamps of the sky,
Societal depravity and human hunger.

A poet stylistic and manneristic,
Linguistic and modern,
He is humane, liberal and thoughtful,
He regales and recreates
With his ideas, images and thoughts,
Even the serious things,
The bare and naked facts
And hard realities of life
He says them with a smile,
Laughing a hearty laugh.

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