Rythm Of Prayer Falg! Poem by Kezang Dawa

Rythm Of Prayer Falg!

I walked near the prayer flags
Thinking someone would be there near,
That ridge seem to be align with many prayer flags
The wind flapped all the prayer wide and afar
With the rhythm of dharma mantra;
Om ma ne pedme hung righ!
When the wind flapped the prayer along
Through that wind wiped out all my grievous sin
I must chant the prayer beneath every prayer flags
To feel the prayer by you and me.
Turn that constant prayer wheel very time you walk
Since chanting prayer is better than standing near the prayer flags
Praying to other is only the way to nirvana
Nirvana lies in our mind in every action
We are born within greedy and selfish
Every action has reaction in the way to samsara
Samsara is all what we create by our illusive mind
Our mind is the friend to all the attachment
We live in the depth of samsara always

Om ma ne pedme hung righ!
Once born is we grow old to die;
In the eyes of those who are born today
Nothing is permanent in this world it seems
May this prayer reach the mysticism?
To all the sentient being those who live in depth of pain
Attachment is root causes of all suffering mighty said,
When you see someone is born
It could be the calls of your death
Do not wait to turn that prayer wheel
Feel the prayer that we are within them
Always feel free to sing this prayer day and night
Om mane pedme hung righ!
Be happy to see when someone dies
Do not feel bad when you see someone is dying
They are the greatest teacher how to die thyself,
Oh! This prayer must not forget to chant in behalf of them
Always respect the sentient being those who die in front of us,
Obey the rule of the death always has within us;
Om mane padme hung righ!

Poem by; Kezang Dawa

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