Saga Of The Three-Legged Pig Poem by James Atkinson

Saga Of The Three-Legged Pig

Old man Trotter
had a big fat Daughter
who raised pigs for fun‘n slaughter
when business was slow
she’d walk to the village
with a pig on a collar to show

On one such journey
she tried to earn money
by peddlin’ a three-legged jenny
for just a little bit o’dough
each pound for a penny

She wailed t’ladies in the lane
Partin’ wi’me pig, she feigned, wo’cause me great pain
This is no ordinary swine, she whined
This’a real hero, she claimed
In a ditch‘er o’sandwich, she explained

Why this larder‘as worked harder
t’be friend o’man than any other on the land
it lunged in t’the plunge t’rescue little Timmy
’n when ‘is home went a’blazen
she almost turned t’bacon
saven o’l man McBerny

BUT IT'S MISSIN' A HIND LEG! cried widow Peg
Wit’out a flinch, Old Trotter’s wench begged
Yeah, but who’d eat a pig this fine all at one time

(With apologies to the author of the original tale about a three-leg pig for sale)

Declan McHenry 17 March 2007

With a title like that it just had to be read James. A bit of fun. Neatly done.

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James Atkinson

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