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There are places we walk into
eyes shut, and finding revelation,
eyes open, we walk out.

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Blue eyed Dal Riadan Celt. Born. Lived some. Loved some. Lost some. Serialisation pending. No current plans for ending. Bored with the petty. Gone.)

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There are places we walk into
eyes shut, and finding revelation,
eyes open, we walk out.

In fleeting moments, memory
in fragments of opportunity
in eyes, a smile, a turn of phrase;
re-kindles feeling.

Then, three glasses in,
(the New You?)
gives forth one opinion.
No ears. No listening. No debate..
Your way is the only way.
I will be yours.
Your demands.
Your threats.
And you are surprised I say no.

It is a strange mindset,
denied what it wants,
destroys what it wants
and damages anything associated.

It is a strange mindset
that throws privacy to the voyeurs.
Is their approval so important?
Is their support so vital?
What do they gain in seeing this pain?
It is not just my life you paint,
and not just mine you defame.

There are places we are driven to,
hearts open, and places the mob rule
that, heart closed, we are driven from.

It seems,
I am your Carthage.
with your marshalled allies
(oh so well versed in both sides - not!)
you will undermine my walls,
erase my works, my visions;
You will inhabit my places, my spaces,
in pursuit of the innocent.
You will ensure no welcome awaits.
You will salt the fields
so nothing grows here.
Yet, even then
Carthage will remain.

When all else is gone,
Carthage remains.

Declan McHenry Comments

Margery Rehman 16 September 2007

A sad poem but expressing a certain stand- off objectivity about yourself and your feelings. Very well expressed, beautifully written. Alas-Carthage! Regards, Margery R Where have all your other poems gone?

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Marina Gipps 17 May 2007

'A Curiously British Situation' is a very good poem. Declan McHenry is an entertaining read.

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Angel Portillo 30 April 2007

A whisper will still be a whisper? if this blows my hopes...? or a kiss will still be a kiss? if this kills me in a instant..?

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Frances Macaulay Forde 30 April 2007

After reading your poem.... Yet still you seek a muse knowing that loving will drain your creative energy... why only one poem here - are you in love and therefore not writing?

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