Mian Muhammad Bakhsh

(1830-1907 / Khari Sharif, Kashmir / Pakistan)

Saif-Ul-Malook 06 - Poem by Mian Muhammad Bakhsh

Those who desert their own species to join an alien species will never enjoy any pleasure,
Their sorrows will increase with every passing moment.

The greatness of a truthful man is higher than angels.
O Mohammad, don't tell this secret t avoid a possible conflict.

Every mouse, sparrow, dog and cat has a sense of belonging and attachment to his home,
You are a prince, why are you leaving your home?

It is better to eat even the bitter fruits of your own country's gardens,
than to go to foreign countries to eat sweet fruits.

Every one is happy among his own people.
To beg in your own country is better than ruling over aliens.

Roaming around like wandering dogs in the streets of your native
country is better than being in a foreign land even if you are pushed and kicked from all corners in your country.

The words of compassionate people stand witness to their personality.
The handkerchief filled with flowers emits fragrance.

Pigeons with different colors, black, green or white were all essentially one in the beginning,
their colors different afterwords. (Thy acquired various colors afterwords.)

Friendship with the high-ups (high & mighty people) brings hardships.
O Mohammad Baksh, who will share your grief but friends?

Some work very hard to make a glass while some break it with a stone,
There are very few who value words (verses) .

All problems are solved by remembering His name. If He is gracious,
He turns the withered into green.
And if He is wrathful, He blazes the green. (He sets fire the green)

The verses of some people are like diamonds, pearls and rubies.
O Muhammad! The verses of others are earthenware lamps, candles or as like torches.

Sympathy is the essence of good words.
Reeds look like sugarcane but what differentiates them is that they
lack the sugary juice as in the sugarcane.

A real Faqir (saint or friend of God) keeps others secrets; I also want to be a Faqir.
I cannot expose the faults of others, as I feel shy on my own account.

O Men of Wisdom! listen to what a Faqir tells you.
He who is good himself regards all others as good.

Some have unclean appearance but inwardly they have the water of life.
Their lips look parched like the lips of thirsty men but their souls are drenched as if bathed in water.

Gold is hidden in the sand like your body. Your are unable to discover it.
Until and unless you don't wash the sand and clay with the water of your eyes, you cannot find the gold.

When a droplet dissolves in the river, what will it be called?
It becomes that for whom it has lost itself.

God has ordained man to seek knowledge.
Knowledge illuminates the inner self and wipes out all darkness.

Man has come to the world to attain knowledge. Knowledge teaches man to know himself.
Without knowledge he is like animal.

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