Michael Alfonso


Straight out of High School a girl named Sally Sue
Put a smile on her face; bein happy's all she knew
She never thought twice about the years to come
And if you asked her why she smiled she answered just because

Now the time had come; for her to wave and say goodbye
A teardropp on her cheek; the second time she'd cried
Drivin down the road; now dark and alone
Talkin to herself, well, wonderin what she's done


Sally don't get jaded by the life your forced to live
When you find out everybody takes more than they give
When it seems like all you do is just work and go to bed
Only all the while your thinkin you'd be grateful to be dead

Twelve hours later; her car facin northwest
She didn't want to stop, but she knew she had to rest
She didn't have a bed; no place to lay down
So she answered this flyer she found layin on the ground

It said you could take cash the night that you start
She knew it wasn't her but for awhile she could play the part
Awhile turned into days and days into years
She still says she's leavin but the truth is all to clear


Now she sits and stares; thinks about her life
Wonderin how it happened how she went out without a fight
She just wants to leave but she knows she can't go home
She talks to many people but she still feels alone

Sally she still smiles, but now she's got a reason why
And even when she shows her teeth the truth is in her eyes
The days they are short when you don't want to face the night
And even though she don't believe it she says everyhing will be alright


Poem Submitted: Friday, November 30, 2007
Poem Edited: Wednesday, April 27, 2011

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