Salt And Light Poem by Bob Gotti

Salt And Light

In this world, where wrong is right, we are to be Salt and Light,
That, as we live out this life, by the teachings, of Jesus Christ,
His salt and light in a world, so Truth in our lives we will herald,
As our lives reflect His Truth, with salt and light as living proof.

Even during a life of persecution, in the world darkened by sin,
For great shall be our reward, if today, we truly serve The Lord,
As we are led by His staff and rod, to live for the glory of God,
Today, focused upon eternity, we’re salt and light for all to see.

Through The Word we are taught, to function today as His Salt,
Listening to what Jesus said, salt, in this life, we are to spread,
In a world that’s filled with need, as we sow for Him much seed,
This, while being salt for everyone, for the Glory, of God’s Son.

In this world we’re God’s Light, for all those walking in the night,
Light to all who haven’t believed, for by Satan they’re deceived,
So we’re to lead them to Christ, so they too, can have New Life,
A New Life in Christ this very day, as God’s Light leads the way.

We’re salt to give thirst to men, so they too, can be Born Again,
Born of God, to be Christ’s light, to lead others out of the night;
More salt and light is needed friend, for serving God is our end,
This, to better the life of everyone, by the Gospel of God’s Son.

(Copyright ©02/2014)

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Bob Gotti

Bob Gotti

New Jersey
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