Same Sex Couple Can Adopt A Child - An Act Of Injustice To A Child - By Supreme Court Of India Poem by Jacson Gelato

Same Sex Couple Can Adopt A Child - An Act Of Injustice To A Child - By Supreme Court Of India

O' Lady Of Impartiality in blindfold,
is this what justice visualizes and predicts
that a helpless little child can be adopted
by two persons of the same gender
who will act as parents and as a family
to that child in his or her growing years of life?

Will the adopted child be comfortable
in the arms of the same sex gender parents
and will such parents be able to substitute
the care and affection a normal mother
and a normal father can offer to a child
whom they have adopted as they had no
children of their own?

How could the court change the laws
and overlook the biological behavior that is necessary
to adopt a child and take care of him or her?
How could the judges suddenly go on
grounds of sympathy and sentiments
to favor the same sex gender
to adopt a child just to please their dreams
of a complete family?

Who will hold the adopted baby
and nurse him or her the whole night thro'
if he or she is sick or wailing,
when those same sex gender are two males
and they are fast asleep after a hard days work?

How will they patience and understanding
of baby's needs of nutrition
when unpredictable sleep- patterns demand
more empathy and concern?

Who will be there to check
if the little infant has been fed
and put back to sleep in a fair and gentle manner
when the same sex parents are quite incompetent
in their own duties and onuses?

yes, who will wake up and hold the infant
if she or he wakes up from her or his sleep
when the same gender couple are in their own bed
after their passionate love-making?

And who will promise the safety
of that adopted child if both the males decide
to abuse the child or molest her if it is a baby girl?

What is the guarantee that the same sex couple
will refrain from abusing the adopted child
when they themselves are so obsessive
with their own acts of dedication to each other?

What is the precaution the same sex couple
will take not to engage or display their intimacy
when the adopted child keeps growing
and getting involved in their day to day routine?

How will the same gender concentrate on
an adopted child when their own life
is so difficult and challenging
and a little child will have no choice
but to adhere to those mascara filled eyes
and swinging gait which makes them look
so proud and selfish though they are
so morose inside but looking cheerful outside?

yes, who will respect that grown up adopted child
when the same sex couple has confronted
the social stigma several times
and it will follow the child just as much as it
followed the lesbians or the gays
as they lived and then married?

will the adopted child of the same sex gender
ever share or enjoy the joy and happiness,
the dignity and pride
that every normal adopted child receives in society
when he or she is adopted by normal parents?

is this justice that an adopted child will be left
to the mercy and disgust,
to the whims and fancies of
the same sex gender couples
though by themselves they are so content
but placing a third tender life in their midst
can lead to such mismanagement and mishandling?

Yes, who can ever assure that such adopted children
will not face misconduct and negligence
from the same sex couple?

Will courts of law ever stop to perceive
the malpractice and the maladministration
that an adopted child may confront
when the same sex couple ill-treats or disrespects
that child who will be their centre of attention
yet they will fall short of educating the child
in a proper fashion due to their own disadvantages?

How will the same sex couple adhere
to their commitment as parents
of that adopted child
when their own drawbacks and disabilities
will increase their problems and burdens
as they themselves hold no secure jobs nor income
to honor their promises and obligations
to their own existence?

could the law ever forgive itself for prejudicing
and jeopardizing the safety of an adopted child
by a same sex couple which is a grave injustice
cast upon every child who will be in the home
of such parents who will never be able to stop
the jeering and cheering from the public
as life progresses so pitifully
yet the justice system thinks the same sex couple
should be allowed to adopt child
based on sentiment and not by legal perimeters?

(Read the law - There is no bar on same sex couples adopting, said the Supreme Court. The five-judge Supreme Court bench on Wednesday,10 May, while hearing petitions seeking legal recognition for same-sex marriages in the country, said that adoption is the norm in many situations, and not the exception.2 days ago)

Same Sex Couple Can Adopt A Child - An Act Of Injustice To A Child - By Supreme Court Of India
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