Majid Gaggi

Sankatana(*) - Poem by Majid Gaggi

You Sankatana
Are you hearing my call?
My invitation
I call and invite you
From the dragon stomach
Dragon of our current time
Here at the east
Which is so crowded
With our homeland people
Kids women men
I can't figure my path, my way
Our time, place is so dark
I can hear sounds here and there
Sounds calling and yelling
Asking for their right in life
Again, i can't see
But i can feel and touch
Bodies struggling and fighting
To survive and live here
In their homeland
So, please come to us
We are in need to you
Hold and bring with you
The weeping of souls
In your heart which is
Full of love, and pain
I left every thing to time
When my palms burst with bitter tears
You just came in my mind
Cause you only can stop it
Horrible sounds is ringing in my ears
Coming from every where
I call you, invite you
I depend on you
To get my hopes, dreams and be true
Until the time of fading moments of despair
I left every thing to time
Cause the real is there
But you know, they say
Never the time stop spinning
For the sake of some
So, come to us Sankatana
From the cave
Come to us you son of
The mountain, the plain
To fight dragon of out time
And stop its hungry stomach
He is swallowing every thing
he smash our homes, temples
come to us Sankatana
cause we have been cheated here
by our neighbors, brothers
whom we trust and depend
we look in the huge hopes
so, please answer our calls
came and save these people
you, hope of all the
Bereaved mothers and widows and orphans
our preservative armor
sing for us the salvation song
and we will sing with you
with Joy and pleasure
cause we love the life, the joy

(*) Champion appears and kills a huge dragon that swallowed hundreds of people after they entered the horror in their hearts stated in the folklore of South Africa in the African poem of the poet (Bennett Aboni Poti Moleko)

Topic(s) of this poem: life

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