Sapphire Starlight Poem by C.Ann Penning

Sapphire Starlight

The warmth of summer caressing my skin;
I’m a beautiful green and dance in the wind
I love all the splendor that summer brings
But long for nights of a gentle autumn breeze

The days get shorter, the nights longer
Wrapped in the blanket of the night sky
Captivated by the sapphire starlight,

Just the moon and I

We talk of the beauty autumn has to offer;
The bright reds, purples, yellows, oranges and browns;
Such an exquisite display you’ll see all across town
Oh the sweet aromas; such warm cozy feelings;
Drifting in our heads as we lay blissfully dreaming

He’ll look at me differently as I begin to rest;
some would see it as melancholy I guess

My bright shade of green slowly fading away;
The sun and the cool nights forcing me to change
I don’t really mind it; it’s the mixture of these things
That makes me feel beautiful and look forward to spring

I’ll gracefully fall from the place I once called home;
Where I was sheltered and nurtured until I could stand on my own

I'll miss our long nights - just the moon and I
... Our nightly chats under the sapphire starlight

Winter will come
he'll forget about me
its blankets of white cover my body
The long winter months will leave him chilly and worn;

... he’ll long for me to bud once more

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