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Sara - Poem by jose romero

I been crying the whole night because I cant get u out of my mine. Since I was a little boy I been losing everything I love and every moment I live I try to forget. to forget all those that I had cry for and all those that once I thought were with me. But there is always something that reminds me about them their smiles, the way they looked at me every time I said I love you deep from inside my heart. I gave everything I had my life, my happiness and my future but every time they just push at side like at useless piece of paper that can be thrown to the trash without worrying about anything. No long ago I gave up and said to my that no one in this world ever hurt me again and that my heart and my feeling would always be in my heart without worrying about other. But one day without me wanting and noticing I meet someone. I didn’t know how that person looked or who that person was. We talked and talked for sometime and I wasn’t think about her at all. All of the sudden everything stop. My life just stop like a bullet stops when it hits the walls, I didn’t care about anything or anyone I was lost in my own world full of pain, tears, sorrow and most important I was alone. I saw everyone walked around me and it seen like no one even care what I felt or what I thought. No even I care about my feeling and all the pieces of broken heart I had inside me. I don’t why but that person came back to my lost world and started caring about me or at least that’s what I thought. From that day on I sat in my bed just wondering why she came back. My heart was in a million pieces and my mind was lost in the thought that life was worthless and that every minute I lived it it was getting worst. Somewhere in those pieces of broken heart a little flame was growing up, at first I dint know what it was so I didn’t care. Until that night when I saw your eyes and I got lost in them. My mind was telling me please don’t go but I insisted because they seen so full of life so sweet, and beautiful I let time past without thinking about them or thinking about u. I was talking to you and u said a word that I thought I would never hear again. That world got into my mind like the air gets deep inside us. I looked around me and all I could see was me and no one else but slowly you came into my world like magic. I was so afraid because no one had ever been that close to my heart and I tried to back off. But your smile kept on pulling me out my pain. I said to myself is this just me or the whole can feel what I feel. Since that day you have been in my world making the pain go away bit by bit and it was working so perfectly until that day I opened my eyes and saw your heart. I wasn’t inside of it. I kept seen someone there and for sometime I could tell who it was until the day you told me it was. I try my best to make room in your heart for me and my little world. I thought I was doing right and my heart started to heal again. My dark and empty world was getting his life back and making rethink the idea that life isn’t worth it. I gave my heart I second chance to love, to be free and wild. The first thing it did was to let you inside of it. And so I made sacrifices just to see those eyes up close and to feel them deep inside me. It work and from that day you became the light of world and the air I needed to be alive. I show you my world and I put my life in your hands. I trusted you and I open up myself and let you in my world so that way you could know me and know the way I felt you were that person my heart had always been looking for and because of it. It got hurt so badly but every smile you gave me was the medicine to heal the wounds in me. The light on your eyes was the light the only thing keeping me and my world from total darkness. I thought about it so many times and I said to myself don’t be a fool. Your making a mistakes and I went against my thoughts and my stupid idea and that feeling became love. A love that didn’t care about anything. That love only cares about you and nobody else but you. I didn’t meant to but it kept on growing and growing like a flower full of life. I felt like the most special guy in this universe and I actually was. But that some that was in your heart came back I kept on fighting to stay inside your heart but you pushed me away like everyone else did before you. It hurt ed so much but I couldn’t cry maybe because I had no more tears or maybe because I was hoping it only was a dream. I guess I woke up from that dream when I was again lost in my little world and my dry eyes became a river of tears and blood. My heart begun to cry and I did everything I could to stop but I couldn’t. I never said I give up and I wont give up because your happiness is my life. Your smile is my air and your eyes are my light. I been following that light for sometime already and I will do whatever it takes to reach it because I know deep inside your heart there is a little piece of me and that piece of me is calling my name. I been looking for it but I cant find it. I know it is there and no matter what other do it will be there and it will be calling my name. Look I want you, I need you, and I will do everything it takes to bring you back to me. I know I can be happy at your side and I will do everything in my power to always always to keep you safe and happy because that’s all I want to be happy with you. You brought life to my world and I will always be thankful for that and I will never let go of you. Your are everything I want and everything I need to be happy. I don’t know what you really feel and I wish I did that way I would be crying like I always am. No matter if you aren’t with me I still love you very much and every day I keep falling more and more in-love with you. I don’t promise you to be rich or to take you to the moon but I can promise you that my heart my love and my thoughts belong to you. My life will be dedicated just to be make you happy and to always keep you smiling like when I first saw you. I don’t know who your heart belongs to but I know that you can control it and you can make it do whatever you want. Just close your eyes and let it be free. Hopefully I can get in and conquer it and make it mine like my heart is yours. I have try to let you go but I cant, I guess he wants to be with you and to be honest like my heart I also want to be with you. I’m always here for you anything you need ill give it to you and everything you wish for is going to become a reality. You change my life and I want to do the same for you. I just need the opportunity to make it real. I love you and I can shout it to the whole world because that’s the best thing that has ever happen to me and I’m proud to say that I LOVE YOU like I never loved before. And that I will always do. I need you to be more just that my best friend I you to be my wife, my girl, my boo, the one I will live for and my everything.

By Jose

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  • Adam Reed (1/26/2010 5:45:00 AM)

    damn man that was fantastic. its great to see such personality in a poem. great job jose =) (Report) Reply

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