Sara Shadows

Sarcasm Buys You Nothing - Poem by Sara Shadows

dutifully numb
i awake to the progress of humanity
i hit the snooze button of my apathy
i fall back to numb

i am the product of my generation
the apple of my society's eye

i cannot name the sins i was born into
i cannot understand the sins my society claims for me

i stand under the cold waterfall of
their words
numb, not understanding meaning

who is this enlightenment?
have i met strength of character?
i will pay any price to someone who can give me just
a cupful of truth.

kindness and empathy i understand.
both mean when someone stands
close enough they're warmth makes me less cold.

i'm grateful for those times
and sad that all the other words slip by
i begin to wonder if they are made up

dragons, santa claus, and love
fairies, sin, eternal life
purpose, meaning, happiness

sometimes when people speak to me
i feel so small
like a child- not understanding any of it

maybe i am a child-
short in understanding and tall on innocence.
their meanings are not at my height.

they need to shorten up
or face downward
when they speak their nonsense

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Poem Submitted: Friday, April 18, 2008

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