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Satisfaction... - Poem by Leanne Henderson


Lonely lost without a soul, sad quiet no place to go
Can't look forward, its all black, certainty don't want to look back
Where am I now here or there, don't think I am anywhere
Outside myself looking in, I wonder will I ever win

Should I try to smile or laugh, only problem can't make it last
Brain is empty, heart is too, I wonder will I make it through
Is the answer really out there, forever feeling this despair?
Where's the answer what's the key, to unlock what's missing inside of me

Need to find that special place, which puts a smile upon my face
Where's the joy that makes me laugh, its something I've just got to have
Vicious circles going round and round, where's quiet contentment to be found
The inner peace happy and free, that's the person, I want to be

Are we ever satisfied, peaceful on the day we die! Having never regretted a thing we've done
Thinking that in life we won!
I don't think anyone can say, life has gone their own way
Always got that nagging thought, there's something missing I've not got!

I wonder if there will come a day, where I can stand up and say
Things are great, I feel fine. Everything I want is mine
There will always be material things, but real joy they cannot bring
The best things come for free; they can't be bought for a fee

I wonder if its all fate, the life we live our mistakes
What is it really all about; I wish I could just find out!
Still don't know where I am, I want that feeling peaceful and calm
What's round the corner I cannot say, I have to face another day

I wonder if it comes with age, dealing with these feeling of rage!
Being happy with what we've got, even if it's not a lot
Keep hoping that I will find, that something to ease my mind
To warm my heart and fill my soul, I would never ask for anything more

If I had this, would I be content. No, I would probably be hell bent
Still not satisfied and pissed off on the day I die!
And still I ask what's the key, where's the answer eluding me
I look and look to no avail, round and round I chase my tail

So we will never know, always needing wanting more…
So where's the answer and what the key, to unlock what's missing inside of me?
©1996 by Leanne Smith. All rights reserved

Poet's Notes about The Poem

I wrote this poem early in the morning when I was 20 and very confused about where I was going in life, I felt a huge amount of anxiety and I choose to put it into words which always helps me.

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