Lisa Ann Smallwood

Scars Memory - Poem by Lisa Ann Smallwood

just a little girl in her shorts
t-shirt and combat boots
she loved those boots..
running through the house
and out the back door
leaping off the porch
in a mad rush to her favorite place

she opens the gate
hair long curly and wild as she was
with a big huff sprawls out on the dirty ground
she takes a quick look
the mean one is not to be seen

here Momma Chicky.. come here
i got some lettuce grass for ya
hey there Miss Goldie
come on climb up in my lap
its safe he is behind the barn
I don't know how you chickens live with that mean old goose

a long goose neck comes up behind her and nuzzles her ear...
awww sweet Susie...
where is Jane...better yet where is Hannibal
there you are Jane.. I know I love you too
Im sorry that mean ole goose has to live here

then she hears a honk.
Hannibal has seen her.. she hears the thumpity thump of his feet..
sorry girls gotta go.. here he comes
she gets up runs to the gate
Hannibal on her heels
she thinks for a moment I will kick him
I got on my boots

she slams the chicken wire gate shut
stands there in defiance...
with her face right up to the gate
Hannibal just a honking
and sticks out her tongue
na na nana na you missed me again

with one fierce and quick motion
pow Hannibal pecked her smack on the forehead
Blood pours down her face
and a shrill ear piercing scream fills the air
she turns to run

and see's her Papa coming
what happened
and she told him...
go to the house he said sternly

before she made it she heard the gate slam
and mean ole Hannibal honk
one last honk..
Im sure they had goose for dinner soon after

as for the little girl.. well lets just say lesson learned
I still have that dent in my forehead
he took a plug of meat right out of me that day!
But he never got a chance to ruin my favorite place ever again!

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Poem Submitted: Friday, December 7, 2012

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