! Scent Of The Black Tulip Poem by Inner Whispers

! Scent Of The Black Tulip

Rating: 2.7

Damn hot morning, the sun popped in
Its rays passed on my window, blinded my eyes in dim
Waking up late at the very first time
Chirping sounds of birds irritated my ears, alright.
Humid air swept the trees’ leaves and lazily sways
As the heat of the early morning sun beckons, killing my liveliness,
Cabin’s aura is sad; repainting it would make me glad
And the routine sound of the rush of the brook’s streams is annoying me so bad.

Can’t it sing?

I throw pebbles at the ugly big frog
Damn creature, I don’t want to see her, my God!
I shout back at the howling of the lost hawk, I said, “Go away, fool! “
And the black stallion that gallops at the newly sprout green leaves few feet from the cabin
Made a terrible neigh upon seeing me and made me pissed off.

Terrible morning!

The caterpillars are feasting the leaves of my tulips at the back of my cabin
And butterflies and insects never cared but to just sip and sip in vain!
At the sweet dews and nectars of each bud, feeding lavishly
Ruining the beauty of their colorful buds, its flowery abundance!

But they don’t care! This is eating my patience!

Grasses grow in between each tulip stalks
Grasping the minerals which are meant only for these tulips,
I sit down at the tree trunk which laid low at the ground
All I can see are greediness and ignorance from these creatures inbound…
Thinking how they feed their own w/o giving bullshit to how it will affect their evolution.
What’s happening to my little world now? Exaltation!

I need air.

I am suffocated by the strange phasing of these creatures’s irresponsibility
I wonder why I have disinterest at things in front of me, a sudden change,
My eyes gaze at the tulips colors in whites, pinks and yellows and reds
But they lack sweetness now in my eyes, why have they fled,
When God poured respective scent at any flower at the very beginning?

Or am I just numb to smell the mild sweet smell of them?

As I went picking off the tweed which I can use to pick these insects out
I smelled a wild one, rare on its kind from among the bed of tulips that sprout,
There I saw one Black Tulip, standing alone and firm…
My admiration is attracted by this one Black Tulip realm…
And I remember one phrase instantly, as I became aware and suddenly in a strange land:
“One, extraordinary thing will come to bring you back home, into your land…”

And this scent of the Black Tulip brought me back home.

To think about the wellness of myself too before thinking and doing wellness to anyone
I realized that at the walks I have been through, I forgot myself,
I am always facing stress which makes me paranoid
Now, I am recovering and can now see again the passion I have
At my surroundings, filling my happiness and be with reality, I will have.

(I offer this poem to anyone that has been stressed out from nature ‘coz of LOVE. Note that I love nature so much...)

Carol Gall 16 June 2009

stress is a nasty thing im happy you are better

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