School Is Cool Poem by Amber Rainer

School Is Cool

Rating: 3.5

School is cool when you want to get away for 8 hours,
School is lame if you have to sit there and do work,
When your parents hate you and you begin to cry, well go to school becuse they will never think to find you there,
i love school now that i think about it, my parents hate me and my sisters dis own me so really who cares about going to school and being popular,
when you have to go to feel loved where people do not look at you in discust,
school is cool and i go to get away from being abused!

Iron Panda 23™ 04 May 2010

its not kool when its online & ur always home._. but anywayz.......this is a good write public schools r nice (when u get rid of the work & the ppl who need to fall down a well) xP

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Alexander Mcguire 30 April 2010

Wow thats the opposite of y i went to school it rele sux that u have to run away from your family if nething that should b a place of comfort i love the fact your poems dont rhyme but still hav some sort of a rhythmic feel very interesting im not too good at that excelllent poem

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Sandra Martyres 23 April 2010

Amber this is such a sad piece....please put your heart into your school work, it will help you to forget all the difficult people surrounding you and finally when they see you doing well at school they will probably change their attitude. Even if they do not, you will make yourself a happier and more independent girl... Take care

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