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It was a trip down memory lane
My journey on a Mumbai local train
Boarding the Ladies Compartment
I managed to land a window seat

It’s Midnight my love
Its time for me to disappear
And leave behind my
Golden slipper

Just a word of sincere thanks
To a friend I met on PH
One to whom I owe a huge debt
Not of the current toxic variety

Sprightly and very much alive
For someone seventy-five
Wearing her trade mark sunglasses
To hide any trace of wrinkles

Dear God,
Let our borrowers pay us back
We can take no more flack
We have to remain on track

When all else fails
The Economists look to
The alphabets for inspiration
Will the economic recovery be V shaped?

The Simple art of throwing a shoe
Has really caught the imagination
Of quite a few
History says that the Russians were

He walked through the woods
With a flickering lantern
In search of his white poodle
The little dog had strayed away

To you O Lord we send
Up a special prayer
Shower your blessings aplenty
On this young and lovely lady

When the cruel winds of change
Blew over his household
Leaving the family in dire straits
He never once grumbled

Sitting alone at twilight
On the waters edge
Watching the waves
Lash the shore

A trendy new restaurant
In a chic part of the city
The family was celebrating
The arrival of their new puppy

I cannot relax and read a book
There is always dinner to cook
I cannot think of staring into space
I may miss a chance in the rat race

Each time I am depressed
Or feeling low
I turn to God
I send up a little prayer

A parasite visited me
And did climb up
My leg gingerly
By the time it reached my knee

The lovely fragrance of flowers
Pervades the whole atmosphere
Ceramic pots of little violets hang
Against the indigo coloured screens

Whiling away his time
Crushing dry toast and
Spraying the crumbs
In the porch

Dark clouds on the horizon
As the family assembled
In their ancestral home to
Visit their octogenarian Mother

A gentle wind blows
Across the meadows and fields
Tossing leaves around

Lying on a beach in silence
Watching the setting sun as
Shades of orange and red
Flash across the grey skies

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I hold a Master's Degree in Economics and work for an International Financial Institution. I enjoy writing Poetry more as a hobby, a form of expression and relaxation. Other interests include Reading, Philately, Theatre and Travelling.)

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Down Memory Lane - In A Local Train

It was a trip down memory lane
My journey on a Mumbai local train
Boarding the Ladies Compartment
I managed to land a window seat
Which in my younger days
Was considered the veteran’s treat
As only the fleet-footed and the agile
Were able to leap into the moving train
For these coveted seats to stake their claim

I watched as the passengers boarded
Most with household provisions loaded
But each with her own seat preference
Some chose to sit in the direction
Of the moving train
While others opted to be with friends
The short distance travelers
For convenience, just stood near the door

If you are a regular train commuter
You will probably wonder
What’s so special about this mundane routine
But believe me it is not as boring as it may seem
A journey on a local train can be quite an experience
The chatty ladies provide entertainment and education
All you need to do is to keep your eyes and ears open
To treat yourself to fun and free advice on any and everything

You can hear hot tips on the stock market
Get free lessons on bringing up children
Easy recipes for their teatime snacks
Quick home remedies for coughs and colds
On the lighter side there is the latest gossip on the stars
And opinions galore on the current TV soap operas
If you are lucky you may even get a slice of cake
In case a passenger decides her birthday to celebrate

I savored every moment of the trip
Listening attentively to all the ladies around me
Not being a regular I did not have my own clique
So I was free to choose and spent time listening
To the many animated discussions
Ranging from politics to children’s obsessions
All in all by the time I reached my destination
I had the sensation that I was wiser far than when I started out

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Patti Masterman 30 November 2009

I can't paint at all, but it would be so easy for me to paint a portrait of Sandra; I would merely draw a large open Heart supported on two strong legs, that aren't afraid to take a stand. But I can do much more with words, so I would like to say that Sandra is the sweetest person, without any discernible ego; she is always kind and ready to listen to anything you have to say, and I only wish she wasn't so durn far away! (had to sneak a little rhyme there in at the end; it's in my blood what can I say..)

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We are extremely fortunate to have Sandra Martyres on this site as, she as an Economist, is able to bring financial matters to light for us. Not only is she an economist, but has excellent English skills having come from a background where her Father who was so well versed in Latin and English, made sure his daughter was too! What does this have to do with poetry? An excellent vocabulary assists Sandra to write with wit, humor, satire and style. Sandra also writes great Senryu and Haiku and being so observant with world events and what makes people tick, her narrative style of poetry is so very well worth reading too. Sandra has become a dear friend to me, and a lady with a kind and generous heart. Thank you Sandra for your gift of words. love Karin Anderson

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Metin Sahin 14 August 2009

SANDRA read muy poems Pls

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