Scooby Doo's Animal Rescue Mission Poem by Rohan Bendre

Scooby Doo's Animal Rescue Mission

Shaggy was driving his Van. He Saw a Pizza Hotel.

Shaggy Screamed in Excitement.

‘' What a Place to satisfy my Hunger? .
The rest of The Two I am Surely going to Outnumber.''

Scooby Dooby doo heard Shaggy.

‘' Oh! Looks like Someone is on Yummy food's Conquest
But when it comes to food I excel than the rest.''

Scrappy joined.

‘' Surely in Everything Uncle Scooby is the best
But surely in defeating monsters i defeat the rest.''

Shaggy and Scooby were Scared.

‘' What Where are Ghosts and Monsters
They give both of us Shivers.''

Scrappy dooby doo Disaffirmed.

‘' Uncle Scooby aren't you the one who has defeated Several Monsters
It is not even funny to hear that to monsters you fear.''

Shaggy said.

‘' Scoob we have been driving since morning
Let's have some Delicious Pizza to make the Life Happening.''

Scooby said.

‘' And What better way With Pizza and Toppings.''

Shaggy said.

‘' Rightly said Scoob Let us satisfy The Cravings.''

Both were About to go to the Hotel. When he sawa Man with a Rifle.''

Scooby and Shaggy started running. Shaggy said to Scooby.

‘' With that man coming to us closer.
Shouldn't we run faster? .''

Scrappy disaffirmed.

‘' It is that time to show your Bravery
Only then You will be able to tell a new story.''

Scooby was running he smashed himself to a cart on which marbles were kept. The Man lost his Balance and fell down. The Police Arrested The Man.

Scrappy dooby doo Said.

‘' Didn't I Said My Uncle Scooby fearing is a Cock and bull story? .
Look my Uncle foiled a possible attempt of robbery.''

Scooby dooby doo Disaffirmed.

‘' This may be a robbery or might be my Adventure
But urgently I ask for everyone's Attention at this Juncture.''

Scooby Continued.

‘' A Gruesome Incident has happened
The defenition of humanity has stunned.''

Shaggy said.

‘' A Mere Punishment isn't the perfect solution
As Strengthening the punishment for animl offenders is our Intention.''

Scrappy said.

‘' Whenever you see a cruel activity on Animals
Towards Such People with a Deligent Vision you should watchout.''

Scrappy Continued.

‘' And Important helpline numbers you should always keep
So that for punishing The Animal offenders the concerned authority you willl reach out.''

Shaggy said.

‘' Take Every single and slight mischief against Animals in Consideration
In this way against the Animal offenders show your active participation.''

Scooby dooby doo said.

‘' If someone is troubling an animal for mere entertainment
Give them an equivalently brutal reply and explain them whatever they are doing is nothing but torment.''

Scrappy dooby doo said.

‘' Ghastly suchGruesome incidents happen at Sporadic interval
By Assembling in numbers against Animal Offenders Make their life Horrific for Survival.''

All said.
‘' The Criminal has been surely arrested.
But to stop such crime from happening why people haven't selected
One who troubles animals is the most brutal Beast
Your absence from the scene is doing nothing but helping the criminal to assist.
Animal Cruelty should Cease and Desist.''

Punish severely the person from Indore Madhya Pradesh Who shot a Stray Dog with a Rifle
Mere Punishment is not enough to do Justice. Ensure a Stricter Punishment that Real Hell
The Criminal sees.

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