Search For The Lost Stone Poem by Febini M Joseph

Search For The Lost Stone

For him laying on my bed was something like searching for a lost stone
I felt his weight upon my heart, heavy and alone.
The room was still, but my mind was racing,
Wondering if this was real or just a fleeting embrace.
I traced the outline of his face with my eyes,
As he lay beside me, breathing soft sighs.
But in his sleep, he seemed so far away,
Lost in dreams, I could never hope to say.
For him laying on my bed was a moment in time,
A chance to hold him close, if only for a while.
But I knew deep down it could never be enough,
To quell the longing in my heart, so fierce and rough.
So, I let him sleep and watched him dream,
Wondering if he could ever feel what I meant.
For him laying on my bed was a bittersweet thing,
A moment of love that could never truly take wing.
But still, I held him close, cherishing the moment,
For in that moment, he was mine, all mine, atonement.
And though it may never be enough,
it was all I could do,
To love him at that moment and hope he loved me too.

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