Febini M Joseph Poems

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The Blue Woman

Her shadow was blue and pale
From the mountain top, I noticed
The blue fades to bloody red
I wonder

He Was Mute, And I Was Talkative As Well

He was mute, unlike all my other short lived love affairs
When I pick a random object
to make him aware that I'm
talking to him

The Sour Thoughts

In this misty morning sour thoughts
started to steal my blank space
As I walked the ripe tomatoes
fell from my polythene bag

Three Visions

When I saw the melting fathers,
which resembled a candle
The unknown bird spread
it's huge wings to that

The Season Of Love

I don't need love to be a season in my garden,
A fleeting moment of joy, soon forgotten.
But I need love to be the only season in my garden,
An ever-present force that keeps on blossoming.

Search For The Lost Stone

For him laying on my bed was something like searching for a lost stone
I felt his weight upon my heart, heavy and alone.
The room was still, but my mind was racing,
Wondering if this was real or just a fleeting embrace.

Bidding Farewell To A Home

While bidding farewell to me
Be more careful
It's not a roadway
It's your home

My Ruminations On Death

I never thought that I will fall in love
With the deadly poison in my room
that was there for long years
But I never desired for that one

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