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Searching - Poem by brittney crozier

They say that you have to work hard to find the correct answer to your problem
The problem is where do you look to find it
Is there a key to the door to open it up and search for the answer?
The only problem is that you can not cheat your way through this
This is kind of like a test but if the teacher or someone tells on you
You will either get an f or get sent to the office
We all have to pay a fee in order to figure out what we are looking for
There are four doors
One will lead you down the road of sugarplums and candy drops
One will lead you down to the road of suffering
One will have you go up on a roller coaster ride
And one will lead you to where you feel like your going to explode
When will there be a body guard to protect us from the enemy
Can someone find the key and open the door of which that we will choose?
But which door is the best?
Is the there consequences with each door or just one
Which will you choose?
When you get through and live,
Come get me and I will follow you where ever you go.
Send me a message
Just do something to let me know that that is the right decision
When I hear the music playing
Then I will now where to go
Until then I will wait at the doors until the key has been found

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, May 25, 2011

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