Seductress Accessories Poem by kalpana shah

Seductress Accessories

Rating: 5.0

Spiral toe ring dances
with glittering anklets
on a music
played by cummerband,

Bangles encircle wrists
in ectastic mood
while bajooband sings
tune of love
on the taps of
symbolic ring finger

when every jewellery
set to attract mood,
it is the line of kohl
seducing bridegroom
to kiss her colorful lips

A dangling nose ring
was interfering
on his way of heavenly bliss
a round, red tikka
of her forehead entangles him
in a chakravyuh of her life

A red line of vermillion
on parting of herlong tresses
adorned with fascinated flowers
entangling him forever

Blushing red on cheeks
with dreams of infinite bliss,
she walks in her dreams
with her beloved on her side

tied a life long bond
like a weave of golden beads
together like her maang tikka
she bonds her love forever

Unforgettable embellished necklace
embodied with dual elements
with colorful jewels studded
representing song of prosperity

Poet's Fan 02 August 2013

yes, , quiet seducing! the difference is the jewelry seduced her and the be-jeweled bride seduced me, , , , the poetess, though claims to be imaginative, yet she appears to be having a a pair of eyes that observes all minutest details, diamonds are for ever,

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Dave Walker 01 August 2013

A wonderful well expressed poem.

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K. V. Venkataramana 31 July 2013

Excellent. Would you like to chat with me? I will give you my mail ID.

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