Raj Arumugam

Seeing Things - Poem by Raj Arumugam

when first I saw moving images
of bugs and insects and butterflies
on a screen in the classroom
I screamed that I might need
to go see the school nurse
but my teacher said:
'Don’t worry, kid;
that’s television…'

when I saw images on my mobile phone
I burped aloud
my sense of wonder
and asked the girl if I was seeing things;
and the sales girl said:
'Please sir, it’s no wonder;
that’s just mobile technology…'

When now I see my end
at the height of my H1N1 fever
and I tell my wife:
'Four and twenty fair virgins
all blondes
they beckon me…'

'Darling, ' my wife says,
with her knuckles smack on my head:
'that’s just your imagination
in your old age and desperation…
Now, you’re really seeing things! '

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, February 7, 2010

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