Moon, Moon, Crazy Moon Poem by Raj Arumugam

Moon, Moon, Crazy Moon

moon, moon, crazy moon
natural moon
torn apart and snoozing moon;
lovely moon, romantic moon
poor poor moon
the romance
plucked out of its drab surface;
moon moon going wild
moon moon running away
from the earth -
O moon, why do you run away from the earth?
does earth touch you in the wrong places
and you've got no Body
to which one could lodge
a complaint about sexual harassment? ?
ah, moon moon, temperamental moon
dark moon
glowing moon;
sexy moon
and old-woman hag of a moon;
moon moon with the best views of the earth
moon moon moon
puts me to sleep and wakes me up
in the middle of nights;
and one day we'll sleep in the moon
and produce babies there
and we'll have the first moon-ish boys and girls
and moon-ly families;
but meanwhile
moon moon driving fanatics
and inspiring love and romance and myths
moon moon eerie moon
moon moon that presides over love and horrors
and evil and good
and naked witches dancing in moonlit groves;
pooor moon moon the earth moon
not as interesting and dramatic as other moons;
don't get too friendly and dropp in -
oh, never dropp in, no one invited you
silly mooonn, no no, you're not invited home to earth
moon moon cheese moon eaten by mice;
but still our dear moon darling moon
moon mooon
our very own earth's moon
as we moo moo like cows
moo moo moo mooo
at our own moon moon moon

Catrina Heart 05 September 2009

just love this poem..............great to read the forms and lines, it sparks my mind! ! ! 10+++++++++

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Milica Franchi De Luri 05 September 2009

' an old woman hag of a moon ' hehe! lol. Very creative. I like it.

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Philip Lee 04 June 2012

Stream of consciousness... I personally place them near the level of rambling

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Terry Craddock 19 June 2016

'torn apart and snoozing moon' mooning here over a few of your lines, one of the most original lunar imagery poems I have ever read

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Edward Kofi Louis 22 June 2016

Our very own earth's moon! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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Thabang Mokoena 07 March 2019

Amazing I really like it

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Siyabonga Sam 16 May 2018

Wounderful poem -I really like it .

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Siyabonga Sam 16 May 2018

Wounderful poem - I really like it ..

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Siyabonga Sam 16 May 2018

Wounderful poem - I really like it ..

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Chinedu Dike 13 January 2017

Beautiful sonorous train of thought, well articulated and nicely penned in good diction with conviction. Thanks for sharing.

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