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Self Harm

It’s funny how you judge me
For how I release my pain
You look at me and think
That I must be going insane

But who are you to say
That what I chose to do is wrong
The one thing that may have saved my life
Has been no good all along?

Maybe I should follow you
And sit back and have a drink?
Then maybe for a little while
I wouldn’t have to think

And then because of the alcohol
Of my body I may lose control

But that’s ok to you
Because it’s every ones else solution
And of course what I do is a delusion

Even though it picks me up when I’m down
And all you do is drown,
You’re sorrows, only to face them again tomorrow

Yours Forever X 13 January 2013

wow this poem is amazing and so true! i may only be 16 but i understand how you feel all the way. lucy xx

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Weeping Angel Abandoned 25 February 2010

I agree completely, I use cutting as a coping mechanism, i dont like talking to people as i dont like putting my feelings on someone else, so i do that and it helps, even if only for a short while. This poem is amazing and its not fair for people to judge because me self harm, its our body and much healthier than drinking and smoking.

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Mike andrew 09 August 2007

amazing poem, ive never really understood why its seen as bad self harming, its just people dont realise the truth mainly cos they dont wish to, hope ur ok atm: D

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