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Self Harm

It’s funny how you judge me
For how I release my pain
You look at me and think
That I must be going insane

Little Love Poems

I'm not really one to write love poems
I haven't been for a while
But they've just been coming so naturally
Everytime I imagine your smile

No Words To Describe My Love For You.....

Each day I sit here
With this book in my hand
Trying to explain in a way
That you might understand

For Jade, My Beautiful Sister-You'Re Beautiful

You’re beautiful
I only wish you could see
I love you
You mean the world to me


Falling into pieces
Shattered on the floor
Broken in so many ways
Crying here alone once more

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Jerry Hughes 26 January 2007

Amelie wishes to be ananymous which is her right - potententially she's a very fine writer and she should be encouraged...

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Mikel Calcagno 26 September 2006

hey hun...why did u delet ur poems? ? ? hope ur doin ok....send me a message or something... L8r -Mikel

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Roche Kester 24 August 2006

Your peoms are really intense. All of them have a universal theme and are in some way connected. Perhaps I could counter your peoms with something more optimistic. I'll post some soon. I like your style of writing, the langueage is plain, but still effective.

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