Self Wise... Poem by Adrian Wait

Self Wise...

As Common in Youth
As in old Age, when elderly
Found in knowledge alone
We strut the Stage, so Wise
Knowing best belittling ‘dullards'
labelling to categorise then Dismiss
Who is in, and who is out, our crowd
Pathway to arrogance and indifference
So very Proud we are not our Parents
Once judge parents are never forgiven
Why are they the way they are?
So obvious where they went wrong
Knowledge without wisdom is danger
Full of knowledge we know best
And fail to honour our Parents
To listen, or know their Story, their path
Preening ourselves with how clever we are
Our pride reaches the stage of embarrassment
So, so proud of our achievements, our wisdom
Wise in OUR own wisdom, oh so Wise…
We are determined not to be our Parents
Repeat their mistakes, or be so simple
Only the years of experience may save us
From such wisdom in our own eyes
Little do we know our parents knowledge
Your wisdom, your embarrassment is not new
Love your Parents and siblings
You will ache for them when they are gone.
Every generation blames the one before
Listen to the dull and ignorant, in our own eyes,
for they too have their Story, it remains silent
Seldom shared, seldom listened too
For We are too wise in our own Eyes.

Adrian Wait

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