Selfless Teen Poem by Talisa Dee Whitmore

Selfless Teen

I scream, when I can't hold it in anymore
I cry, 'til the tears pour out
I hide, so you can't see
Selfish is what I can't be
I may only be a teen, but I'm not naive
I don't want to show it,
that would be selfish of me
But i can only hold my anger in until it rages so much
I scratch and tear at myself creating scars,
Just to keep you satisfied
You think there's problems with me now,
So I just wish you could see the real me
I don't ask for anything, cause i know I won't get it
I wish you really knew this selfless teen
I'm afraid to cry, because it's weakness in your eyes
You see me cry from pain, but I can't otherwise
I always try to please, but it's never enough
My only goal is to make you proud
Mom, I want to show you more
I want an open relationship, and for us to be close
I wish you knew all this
I am afraid to ask for your attention
You have no idea of my real life, but I wish you did
Poetry is only a little scribble of the feelings
Of misery and hate I have for you, from this
Selfess Teen

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